More reviewer praise for Beyond the Mist!

Over at the Sci Fi Catholic, D. G. D. Davidson has some very nice things to say about Sci Phi Journal, even making special mention of Beyond the Mist:

Ben Zwycky has a serial novel, called Beyond the Mist, set to conclude soon with the release of the seventh issue, which has an odd premise and a mystery element.  I’ve only just started it, but in its beginnings, at least, it reads like a science fictional Pilgrim’s Progress.  Though containing a few heavy-handed moments, it’s polished, and it’s intriguing.

to be singled out for praise alongside multiple Hugo-nominated authors Lou Antonelli and John C. Wright, not to mention be compared with a beloved classic, makes me do a happy dance. Beyond the Mist doesn’t conclude with the installment in Issue 7, though a major phase of the story is concluded there, there will be another three installments in all. After that, the story will continue in other books as soon as I can write them, hopefully I will be able to make some good progress on those by that time.

Sci Phi Journal Issue 7 is now on sale!

Chapters 12 and 13  of Beyond the Mist, introducing the winning name from the contest and lots of other revelations, appear in Sci Phi Journal Issue 7

Sci Phi Journal Issue 7 Cover

now availalable from amazon in kindle ebook format and in paperback.

The rest of the issue contains a lot of high-quality stories, including the start of a second serial by Michael F. Flynn

You can now also subscribe to Sci Phi Journal via patreon and get better prices on both kindle ebook, epub ebook and paperback issues of the journal, including back issues you may have missed. This cuts out the middleman, giving you a better price and the journal’s editor more income per sale, so it’s a win-win!

New Beyond The Mist Artwork and Sci Phi Issue 7 News!

Using my Evil McPersuadey patented Ultrasonic Mind-Control Ray and Ear Cleaner, I have convinced the ever awesome Cat Leonard to produce not one, but four new illustrations to accompany new instalments of Beyond the Mist in Sci Phi Journal. Here is the first illustration, that my wife immediately said she wanted on a T-shirt of her own:

beyond the mist

The final proofreading phase of Issue 7 is now underway, and all should be ready in time for the issue’s release before the end of the month. In related news, as of Issue 7 I will be also listed as one of the editors, so can now proudly refer to myself as a contributing editor of Sci Phi Journal. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

One week left in the Beyond the Mist Naming Contest

We are heading into the final week of the Beyond the Mist Naming Contest. The discount on early issues of the Sci Phi Journal is over, and all the relevant issues for the contest are out, now is the time to make your choice. What kind of man is our protagonist? What does he want to be? What direction do you want him to take into the unknown? Choose your name, your reasons and send it in to before 11.59pm GMT on the 14th of July with ‘Beyond the Mist Contest’ in the subject line.

Sci Phi Journal Issue 6 on sale!

Sci Phi Journal Issue  cover art

Look  whose name got put in a separate cage – rawr!

The Kindle ebook version of Sci Phi Journal Issue 6, featuring Beyond the Mist chapters 10 and 11, and the Beyond the Mist Naming Contest, is now on sale:

UPDATE: The paperback version is also now available from amazon:

or direct from createspace:

The first four issues of the rest of the journal are still on sale for another few days, so this is your last chance to get caught up with the action for less. Enjoy your read, feed your mind and good luck in the contest!

Sci Phi Journal Issue 6 Artwork Sneak Peek

Sci Phi Journal Issue 6, featuring Beyond the Mist chapters 10 and 11, (plus of course the Beyond the Mist Naming Contest), is about to enter the final proofreading stage. Here to whet your appetite is a look at some of the artwork in the issue by the irrepressible Cat Leonard. First of all the cover imagesciphi6teaser Then artwork for each of the issue’s stories. Let your imagination run wild!frank on-the-bottle-copystunted there-is-an-app-copy the-story-is-a-lie-copy TN-3960 whispers

Name the Main Character in Beyond the Mist!


How many times have you been offered the chance to name a character in a published work? And how many times has that been for the main character of a work where a substantial portion has already been published?

As those of you who have been following Beyond the Mist know*, the main character has no memory of who he was, would like to recover his old name, but has the option of choosing a new one for himself. The instalment in Issue 6 has been tweaked so that it will end just as he is about to choose a new name, and I am inviting Sci Phi Journal’s readers to choose what that will be.

This will be done in the form of a contest; the winning entry will determine his legal name in the story world from that point forward, (and will remain so even if he later discovers what his old name was). This name will reflect what he has discovered about himself so far, as well as what kind of man he intends to become in the future.

The format of the contest is as follows:

  1. Choose a first name and family name, and write a short justification for choosing those names.
  1. Email your entry to with ‘Beyond the Mist Contest’ in the subject line (important, if you don’t do that, your entry will not get to me.)
  1. The closing date for entries is 11.59pm GMT on the 14th of July (approximately two weeks after Issue 6 is published, so that people can adjust their suggestions according to what they learn about the main character in chapters 10 and 11). This will give me enough time to decide on the winner and incorporate it into the next instalment.
  1. The winner (chosen by me) will be announced publicly in Issue 7, will receive a free printed copy of that issue as well as signed copies of Nobility Among Us and Selected Verse: Faith and Family. The printed copy of the journal may take a number of weeks to arrive, depending on the winner’s location in the world.

The contest is now open, good luck and spread the word as widely as you can, please!

*and if you haven’t been following the story, now is your chance to catch up, since chapter 1 can be read for free here, and the ebook versions of issues 1-4 of Sci Phi Journal are now half price for the whole of this month.

Sci Phi Journal on Sale!

To celebrate the editor’s 40th birthday, he has decided to reduce the price of the first four issues of Sci Phi Journal to only $1.99 at amazon and Castalia House for the next month.

So if you haven’t grabbed copies of this fine periodical yet (and got yourself thoroughly hooked on Beyond the Mist), now’s your chance to begin a series of literary and philosophical journeys you won’t regret

A special Beyond the Mist event will be announced soon…

More Praise for Beyond the Mist!

More people have positive things to say about Beyond the Mist,

Patrick S. Baker’s 5-star review of Sci Phi Journal Issue 5 at amazon:

Could not be better! The stories are very good, of course. The excellent Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky continues. HMS Mangled Treasure by L. Jagi Lamplighter is also an excellent combo of tough broad straight from a film noir, whimsy and Peter Pan: “a whole can of whup on your sorry ass” might be my new signature block.

And Kevin Stuart Lee over at John C. Wright’s blog had this to say:

“Beyond the Mist” was one of the few stories out of Issue 2 I thoroughly enjoyed, and I’ve been enjoying it more as it goes along. At first blush I thought it was a cut-and-dry hell/purgatory/heaven allegory, but as the narrative goes deeper and the adventure keeps unfolding, I find myself having no actual clue what’s going on, and I love it! It’s guaranteed fun and mystery, and I look forward to each new installment.

It’s also the first serial I’ve ever had the pleasure to read in serial form, so thank you for making my first experience a most pleasant one.

Go to the Beyond the Mist page, follow the links and grab yourself a copy (or 4) of Sci Phi Journal to see for yourself.

Sci Phi Journal Issue 5 Now on Sale!

Sci Phi Journal Issue 5, featuring chapters 8 and 9 of Beyond the Mist, is now on sale from amazon in ebook form:

as well as in paperback form from amazon:

or alternatively direct from createspace

Grab your copy today and grow your mind!