I’ll be away for three weeks in a few days’ time, so it may be a while until my next post.


Shimmering glassy sheets and columns
Sweeping, swirling flows and waves
Gentle chattering streams and bubbles
Mighty roaring foams and sprays

Calming mists and cleansing rain
Warm mountain springs that soothe your pain
Refreshing and invigorating
Healing and rejuvenating
Enriching and new-life-giving
The miracle for all.

The Power of Words

Here’s one I wrote to advertise a writer’s forum (that is no longer active, so hard to regard it as a success, but I still like it):

The Power of Words

Worlds rise from great primordial minds
Vast forms are sculpted true
Bleak mountains scaled, eroded, mined
For gems of dazzling hue.

Lives bloom in city, forest, field
Their stories long to tell
Artists toil and sweat to yield
Inspiring works to sell. Continue reading