Sci Phi Issue 7 Teaser and SuperversiveSF Rountable!


The above teaser of the cover art for issue 7 has been released, the signed copies of Nobility Among Us and Selected Verse: Faith and Family for the contest winner have been posted, and I have also submitted my first article to Sci Phi Journal, based on one of the lesser-read blog posts here. We’ll see if it gets accepted, and if so in which issue it will appear.

Issue 7 of Sci Phi Journal will contain chapters 12 and 13 of Beyond the Mist, in which the main character’s new name will be revealed (along with a lot of other things)

Also, tomorrow at 3pm Eastern time there will be another superversiveSF live stream, in which we will be discussing the merits of the various Hugo-nominated works, the day after voting on the awards closes. Many of these works can be read for free, links can be found at SFsignal:

Beyond the Mist Naming Contest Winner!

SciPhi2The contest deadline expired 12 days ago, the winning name has been selected and incorporated into future installments (influencing what goes on in those instalments in various ways), and the winner, Joanne G. Watson, has been contacted so that the first of her prizes can be sent her way this week. Congratulations and thank you to Joanne, for the excellent name for Beyond the Mist’s protagonist. That name will be revealed in the next issue of Sci Phi Journal, due to come out in about a month from now.

Not Forgotten

Not long ago, Sir Nicholas George Winton passed away. Since the heroics for which he is most famous took place less than 20km from where I live, I thought it appropriate that I write a poem about him:


Not Forgotten

The accolade of hero is oftentimes bestowed
Quite carelessly and flippantly, and not where it is owed;
The above cannot be said of those who chose to praise
A certain late Sir Nicholas, who did in bygone days
Observe the signs of his own times, the shadows that unfurled
Of an evil threatening to swallow up the world.

Primarily he saw a throng of innocents no doubt
Marked for extermination, and all with no way out.
All they could do was send their treasured children far away,
In the hope that they might live to see a better day.
But who would take them in, and would the Nazis let them go?
They’d need official invitations to present and show.

For unsuspecting thousands, time was growing short,
With no-one there to help them flee, for fear of getting caught.
That quiet English stockbroker then went where others quailed,
To save so many lives that would have ended had he failed.
Mountainous bureaucracy had to be waded through,
In London and in Prague he built himself a loyal crew.

Together they worked day and night to free all those they could.
Funds were raised, papers obtained, they were doing good;
But war loomed ever closer, and papers came too slow.
Some documents they had to forge and hope it wouldn’t show.
Train after train departed, and many lives were spared
In all six hundred and sixty nine with families were paired

And yet two hundred and fifty more sat waiting on a train,
But war broke out, the borders closed, their hopes were all in vain.
Mr. Winton travelled home and did not tell a soul
Of all he’d done to rescue many from a deadly hole.
Not even his beloved wife; he clearly sought no praise
For all of his heroics back in those disastrous days.

It was by chance that in their attic his wife found a book
In which were written all he’d done and all the work it took.
She shared his secret with the world, and honours poured on in
Admiration well deserved, not just from next of kin
For the six hundred and sixty nine he’d saved at great expense
Had grown to fifteen thousand in the generations hence.

Great accolades and titles, and medals he received;
When heaven’s final call came for him, many millions grieved.
Six years past a whole century he had graced this earth,
Now we remember his great heart and life so full of worth.
Let his example inspire crowds to choose the higher way
To heal and help and rescue from the evils of today.


This and other poems on heroism, beauty, wisdom and folly can be found in Selected Verse, Heroes and Wonders, available on kindle and in paperback.

Selected Verse - Heroes and Wonders

Click on this image to preview the book at amazon

One week left in the Beyond the Mist Naming Contest

We are heading into the final week of the Beyond the Mist Naming Contest. The discount on early issues of the Sci Phi Journal is over, and all the relevant issues for the contest are out, now is the time to make your choice. What kind of man is our protagonist? What does he want to be? What direction do you want him to take into the unknown? Choose your name, your reasons and send it in to before 11.59pm GMT on the 14th of July with ‘Beyond the Mist Contest’ in the subject line.

Increased discount on paperbacks of Selected Verse: Faith and Family

I have arranged a new discount code for my first poetry collection.

If you visit the createspace estore for the book, add it to your cart and then enter the code:


The sale price will be lowered to only $3.99, plus delivery. The price from is unfortunately still $5.99, but is eligible for free delivery if part of a larger order, so work out whichever deal is best for you and get yourself a copy.

Two weeks to go in the Beyond the Mist Naming Contest

As of this post, there are 13 days and just over 6 hours left to send in your names for the Beyond the Mist Protagonist Naming Contest

Issue 6 of the journal is now available from castalia house, so there are no more excuses to avoid grabbing a copy, considering your options, and sending in your suggestions.

Get creative, everybody!