An Eventful Time

I have been somewhat snowed under with work, so haven’t written a new year’s poem this year. I would like to take this opportunity to look back on the past solar cycle.


This year has seen a lot of changes in my writing career, though it still feels like it’s just the beginning. In this year alone, the number of books I’m listed as an author of at amazon has tripled from 3 to 9 (though seven of that total are Sci Phi Journal instalments of Beyond the Mist), I’m now officially an editor of the journal and a regular contributor to superversivesf, which has put me in contact with a number of highly talented writers who treat me as a peer, which still feels odd to me. I’ve released a poetry collection and am well on the way to preparing another (though I think it still needs a few more poems, so that will probably be ready around the end of March), and have had a poem published by the society of Classical poets (we’ll see how I did in their contest at the end of January).


Looking forward, Sci Phi Journal is transitioning to its new format on the 4th of January, where I have an article appearing in January as well as continuing as an editor and Beyond the Mist is about to be released as a standalone novel, with a foreword by the ever awesome John C. Wright. The scheduled release date for that is the 7th of January.


Beyond that, who knows what lies in store?

Wise Men

Declared by wonders in the sky,
Wise men saw a king was nigh.
Trusting in their ancient art,
They got ready to depart
Across the vast and burning sand
To a distant promised land.

A mighty convoy was prepared
To ensure they made it there,
With treasures, mounts, supplies and troops
To fend off nomad raiding groups.
Tents to shield from brutal heat
And nightly chills that oft repeat.

After months through harsh terrain,
Despite discomfort, cold and pain,
At last they reached the royal court
To see the newborn king they sought.
The old king flatters them a while,
With subtle knives behind his smile.

“Of course we’ll worship this new king
As soon as you’ve confirmed this thing.
In Bethlehem was prophesied
The birth of our great nation’s guide.
Pay your respects, then bring back news
That we can share with all the Jews.”

With joy refreshed and strength renewed,
And packs refilled with royal food,
They journeyed on to that small town
(Soon to be of great renown),
Above them that celestial sign
Guides them in one final time.

With reverence they find their goal
Beside the slumbering lamb and foal.
Despite the stench, the holy sight
Fills their souls with peace and light.
Their treasured offerings now seem
Paltry in that glorious gleam.

They stay a while, discuss the worth,
The meaning of this wondrous birth,
All that’s heralded this thing,
A pauper’s home for this great king?
What will he be and do for all,
That has the heavens so enthralled?

Their spirits countlessly enriched,
Return to where their tents are pitched,
And as they rest, a herald warns
Of plots against this pure newborn.
To thwart this foul insidious wrath,
They packed and took a stealthy path.

“This all our fathers saw and knew,
Most honoured gospel scribe Matthew.
We know their tale is one small part
Of a greater work of art.
Now we have helped you as we ought,
Please tell us all He did and taught?”

I have a poem featured at the Society of Classical Poets

A little while ago, I submitted a few poems for the society of Classical Poets 2015 contest, all of which have been already posted on this blog in the past, and one of them is now featured on the society’s website:

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome any new readers coming over here from there, and hope you find more writing to your liking.

I’m currently slightly overloaded with work, together with preparations for the launch of Beyond the Mist and normal pre-Christmas stuff (plus my daughter’s birthday), so my next poem might be a bit delayed. I will also be going to the new Star Wars film with my three eldest boys on Saturday, so it’ll be a happily busy time all round 🙂



Coming Soon…

I have some good news and some bad news concerning Beyond the Mist.

The bad news is that it will not continue to be serialized in the new format of Sci Phi Journal.

The good news is that this means that the standalone book will be released a lot sooner, either this month or next.

The Supercalifragilisticexpialidawesome! news is that this is the cover art Cat Leonard has done for the book (I’ll give you one guess as to what had me running around the room screaming with excitement):

Beyond the Mist 3rd amendment_no border

Christmas ordering deadline for Nobility Among Us paperbacks

The reduced price window for Nobility Among Us ebooks has now expired, the window for Selected Verse – Faith and Family has one and a half days day left. Those of you who have taken advantage of the offer (or have read and enjoyed these works before), I would encourage you to write a review on Amazon to let others know whether these works are something they would enjoy.


In other news, I have recently been informed by the publisher handling the paperbacks for Nobility Among Us that for customers in the UK, US, Europe and Australia, they can only guarantee delivery before Christmas for orders placed on or before Tuesday the 8th of December. For customers in other locations, orders will need to be placed even earlier.