Enjoy Valentine’s Day, Planetary Style

Today is Valentine’s Day, and the official launch date for the second of Superversive Press’ Planetary Anthologies, this time it’s Venus—twenty captivating stories of love, romance, the planet and the goddess (in various guises). It’s well worth a look, and not just at the video above 🙂

The Broken Man, by Hawkings Austin

The latest new release from Superversive Press is the debut novel of Hawkings Austin, The Broken Man:

A young boy orphaned years ago is becoming a man and searching for his true calling. He was taken in by a mysterious giant, crippled and cast out by his own people, who is trying to make amends for his sorcerous past and prove to his new neighbors that he is not a monster. The two of them have been tasked with solving a dangerous mystery that has stumped the city philosophers:

A mysterious creature that the country folk call the Shadow Man is devouring children in the forest.