At last a Promo Video for Beyond the Mist

After creating promo videos for other people’s books, I thought it was about time that I made one for one of my own. I hope you agree it captures the mystery and wonder that the book itself evokes in its readers so far.

If you haven’t tried it yet, see what all the fuss is about by following this link.


Sci Phi Journal 2.0 is Live!

Sci Phi Journal is under new management, with a new look and new business strategy, though many of the old staff have stayed on, including myself. All the subscriber-only stories from the previous website are now free to read, other changes to how things will move forward can be found here:

Beyond the Mist paperbacks now available on amazon

The paperback version of Beyond the Mist is now available for purchase in all amazon territories, and Kindle Matchbook has been activated, meaning that anyone purchasing a paperback through amazon can download the kindle version for free.

Happy shopping!

Beyond the Mist 3rd amendment_no border

The option of buying directly from the author for readers in the Czech Republic is not yet available, but the first consignment of books should get to me withing the next couple of weeks.

The Paperback Version of Beyond the Mist is now on sale!

The createspace link for the paperback is now live.

Amazon link will be up in three to five business days. The amazon link will offer the possibility of free shipping to the same territory, and a free copy of the ebook to go with it, as well as boosting the book’s rating; the createspace link gives me a greater royalty per sale.

I leave it up to the discerning customer to decide which option they prefer.

Beyond the Mist is Now on Sale

Beyond the Mist 3rd amendment_no border

You can grab the ebook version of Beyond the Mist at amazon right now.

The paperback version is being worked on, and the book’s dedicated page has been updated.

John C. Wright seems to like it over at his blog, you can read his foreword and almost the first three chapters (including one of Cat Leonard’s wonderful illustrations) via amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature.

This is a supremely exciting time for me, and a big relief to finally have it out there for you all to enjoy.

Spread the word!

(And this is the 200th post on this blog. Highly appropriate!)

Sci Phi Journal Issue 8 is Now On Sale!

The Kindle ebook version of Sci Phi Journal Issue 8, the last issue of the journal in its current format, has just gone on sale at amazon

Chapters 14 and 15 of Beyond The Mist appear in Sci Phi Journal Issue 8

Chapters 14 and 15 of Beyond The Mist appear in Sci Phi Journal Issue 8

The reasons for the format change, as well as what to look forward to in this fine issue are given in the message from the editor, which can be read (together with the first three pieces of flash fiction) through Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature at the above link.

Chapter 14 and 15 of Beyond the Mist appear in this issue, and a number of entertaining stories and fascinating articles, so flex your mighty index finger muscles and click on that link, or visit Sci Phi Journal’s patreon page to become a subscriber and exchange your hard-earned dollars, pounds, crowns, Ugandan shillings or Exoxanthian Freknars (I hear the exchange rate is very good right now) for some prime reading material now and into the future!

Issue 8’s Cat Leonard Artwork for Beyond the Mist!

Issue 8 of Sci Phi Journal, which will be the last issue of the journal in its current format, will feature chapters 14 and 15 of Beyond the Mist. The last two installments will continue in the new sustainable format, which will mean I’ll start get paid for the editing work I’ve been doing on the journal as well as for my contributions, though the initial rates may be lower until subscriptions pick up, details on the new setup can be found here.

Cat Leonard’s second illustration, depicting the protagonist’s first look at the wilderness valley as he emerges from the trees, will appear in Issue 8, and looks like this:


The other two illustrations will be done, and will appear in the final standalone publication of Beyond the Mist, which will be available both in ebook and paperback form after the last two installments have been made available to Sci Phi Journal subscribers in due course.

The Best Sci Phi Journal Articles

As promised, here are my article picks for each issue of Sci Phi Journal (again, this is not to say that the other articles in each issue were bad, many of them were very strong, just these are the ones that stood out to me):

Issue 1:

“ “I am Groot”: An Aristotelian Reflection on Space Aliens and Substance by Daniel Vecchio

An look at what Aristotle would have made of Rocket Racoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, and the questions of identity that they raise.

Issue 2:

“The Making of the Fellowship: Concepts of the Good in the Lord of the Rings” by Tom Simon

A breathtaking survey of what the various “Speaking peoples” in Middle Earth regarded as the highest good.

Issue 3:

“The Tyrant’s Headache” by Eric Schwitzgebel

A fun critique of a functionalist philosophy of pain

Issue 4:

Now this is a really tough pick, as all of the articles are very good, but I’m going to go for “The Confluence Between Scientific and Literary Imagination” By Arlan Andrews, which looks at the common source of both literary and scientific creativity, and how one often inspires the other (especially when it comes to sci-fi).

Issue 5:

“On Emotion Drugs” by Jeff Corkern

A fresh perspective on the question of whether recreational ‘emotion’ drugs should be legalised not in terms of personal liberty or their unintended side-effects, but through looking at the core purpose of the drugs themselves.

Issue 6:

“General Directive 18: Self-Defensive Genocide in the Starfire Universe” by Patrick S. Baker

Is genocide ‘in self-defence’ ever justified?

Issue 7:

I have to be honest, I didn’t think the articles in Issue 7 were as strong as in other issues – they were all decent and interesting without any one article particularly grabbing me.

Jeff Corkern’s “On the Influence of Emotion Drugs on History” looks at the factors that may have retarded the development of the pre-Spanish American civilizations that were so quickly wiped out, and Jeff Racho’s “Mad Max:Fury Road – Surrounded by Political Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing”, which is more of a film review than an article, looks at whether this film’s controversial hype of being a ‘feminist’ film actually stands up to scrutiny.

If You Haven’t Tried Sci Phi Journal yet, You’re Missing Out

The Sci Phi Journal, which is publishing Beyond the Mist, is in need of additional readers to remain sustainable, and if the readership does not grow sufficiently, it might have to fold before completing the scheduled serialization. I would encourage anyone who is undecided about whether to buy an issue, anyone who likes the sound of stories and articles that truly engage your brain, to take a chance and try it, there are many excellent reads to choose from. If you have already bought some issues, tell your friends about it or write an amazon review. The highlights among the stories for me are as follows (this is not to say that the stories I do not mention are poor, and some of you may disagree with my personal picks, but these are the ones that stood out to me): Continue reading

Sneak Preview of Sci Phi Journal Issue 8 Cover Art!

Issue 8, containing Chapters 14 and 15 of Beyond the Mist is about to enter its final proofreading stage, and a sneak preview of its cover art by Cat Leonard has been released. Looking very good, in my opinion. What say you, fine perusers of my ramblings?

Issue 8 Cover Art Concept

Issue 8 Cover Art Concept