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Selected Verse - Heroes and Wonders

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A collection of poems dealing with heroes and wonders of the grand type we see depicted in our favourite epics as well as inspiring everyday examples that only a few ever notice. Beauty to enjoy, courage to inspire, wisdom and folly to admire and avoid.

Highlights include a heartfelt celebration of a life well lived, the story of a survivor of China’s brutal one child policy, an uplifting appreciation of nature’s cycles, and a grand tale of a beast that haunts the hearts of men.

Awake the hero within you, and stand in awe of wonders that never cease.

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Now available in kindle ebook form in the following Amazon territories:

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The paperback is now available from all of the above amazon territories, and when purchasing the paperback from amazon, the kindle version will be free via the matchbook program.


The createspace estore page for the paperback is now live and can be found here.

The discount code for purchasing from the createspace estore is 36AUPWCS, giving a 25% discount on the cover price. Simply place a copy in your basket via the above link, then go to your basket and enter the code in the ‘apply discount code’ window, click the button, and you should see the price reduced.

Like my first collection, this book contains poems that have been posted at this blog, although this time there are a couple of additional short works that haven’t at the time of publication.

To order a copy direct from the author (costing 150 CZK plus postage), please use the contact form below:






Click this image to preview the book at amazon

My first poetry collection, consisting of 52 poems from the Zwyckyverse blog, tells the story of how I met my wife, reflects on the lessons and changes in our lives since we became parents, on the role models within my family and the treasure we can be for each other.

It then moves on to examine how the divine spark and source of all light and existence has been glimpsed in history and in the modern day, the different perspective this provides us with and the radical life and hope it calls us to.

The collection is now available as a kindle ebook in every amazon territory:


Preview the ebook here.


A paperback version is also available, if you prefer something more tangible, and Kindle matchbook will make the ebook version free if you have bought the paperback edition.

The price on the paperback version has been reduced in price to £2.99 in the UK, €3.99 in the other European territories, (e.g. Germany) and a discount code has been introduced for the createspace estore, so that by placing the book in your cart and then quoting the discount code:


You get a 25% discount on the cover price.

To order a copy direct from the author (costing 125 CZK plus postage), please use the contact form below:

In February 2016, this collection reached the number 1 rank for Family-themed poetry books at amazon:selectedverseno1

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