Massive Discount on Selected Verse: Heroes and Wonders Paperback on Amazon Prime!

By chance I happened to notice that someone at Amazon has decided to offer paperbacks my second poetry collection at a massive discount for Amazon Prime members, from my location appearing to be priced below the cost of the ebook version, and at the same time eligible for free delivery. I have no idea how this came about, or how long this discount will apply, but anyone with an Amazon Prime membership thinking about grabbing a copy should use this window of opportunity. Selected Verse - Heroes and Wonders


As soon as I find out more, I will update this post.

Price discounts on Beyond the Mist

A new more thumbnail-friendly cover image has been added to the kindle ebook version of Beyond the Mist, and the price of the ebook has been reduced from $3.99 to $2.99 (and by appropriate amounts in other amazon territories):


In addition, for followers of this blog looking to purchase the paperback version, a discount code has been created for the createspace site that takes $2 off the cover price, meaning a price of $5.99 plus delivery for the paperback from there.

To do this, simply go to the createspace site for the book:

And add a copy of the book in your cart and below the subtotal of your order there is a box where you can enter the discount code


and click on the ‘Apply Discount’ button.

Compare the price via this route with buying from amazon, and choose whichever arrangement is the best deal for you.


Christmas ordering deadline for Nobility Among Us paperbacks

The reduced price window for Nobility Among Us ebooks has now expired, the window for Selected Verse – Faith and Family has one and a half days day left. Those of you who have taken advantage of the offer (or have read and enjoyed these works before), I would encourage you to write a review on Amazon to let others know whether these works are something they would enjoy.


In other news, I have recently been informed by the publisher handling the paperbacks for Nobility Among Us that for customers in the UK, US, Europe and Australia, they can only guarantee delivery before Christmas for orders placed on or before Tuesday the 8th of December. For customers in other locations, orders will need to be placed even earlier.

Sci Phi Journal Issue 7 is now on sale!

Chapters 12 and 13  of Beyond the Mist, introducing the winning name from the contest and lots of other revelations, appear in Sci Phi Journal Issue 7

Sci Phi Journal Issue 7 Cover

now availalable from amazon in kindle ebook format and in paperback.

The rest of the issue contains a lot of high-quality stories, including the start of a second serial by Michael F. Flynn

You can now also subscribe to Sci Phi Journal via patreon and get better prices on both kindle ebook, epub ebook and paperback issues of the journal, including back issues you may have missed. This cuts out the middleman, giving you a better price and the journal’s editor more income per sale, so it’s a win-win!

Increased discount on paperbacks of Selected Verse: Faith and Family

I have arranged a new discount code for my first poetry collection.

If you visit the createspace estore for the book, add it to your cart and then enter the code:


The sale price will be lowered to only $3.99, plus delivery. The price from is unfortunately still $5.99, but is eligible for free delivery if part of a larger order, so work out whichever deal is best for you and get yourself a copy.