A Pair of Pups

Small rushing clumsy fluffy feet
Tails sweep and bounce as they both greet.
Eyes that fill with simple joy
At papers, strings and chewed-up toys

“Leaves twitch outside, the world’s alive!
Catch them all, or they’ll connive
To flood our lawn and spoil our fun
There’s games to play, and tracks to run.” Continue reading

Free Kindle ebook version of Nobility Among Us with each paperback purchase!

Amazon.com has a feature known as matchbook, where the Kindle ebook version of a book can be set to a reduced price or free for customers who have bought a physical version. This is now activated for Nobility Among Us so that anyone who bought the paperback version from Amazon.com can now ‘buy’ the Kindle ebook version for free.

For those of you who have bought (or in the future buy) from another shop, I can manually send you a copy of the Kindle ebook version for free. Please use the contact form below to request your free copy. Once you do, a message will be sent to the email address you give according to the shop you bought from, telling you what sort of proof of purchase to send. Once that is received from you, a free copy of the Kindle ebook version (approx. 5.6 MB) will be sent to you, either as an email attachment or in the form of a temporary private link to where you can download it. If you are unsure as to whether your email account accepts an attachment this large, assume it does not and don’t check the box.

Thank you for buying the book, and I hope you enjoy it fully in whatever format. If you don’t yet have a copy, go here and choose the shopping channel that gives you the best deal.


Could chance alone have led me here to witness this magnificence
Or else the instigation of some great eternal plan?
I’ll respond with all the fullness of my youth’s profound exuberance
To answer nature’s call and thus attempt to be a man!

What fortitude arises when your path is strewn with obstacles,
As if they were all placed there by a teacher from on high;
It will not do to merely gaze at them with tinted spectacles,
For duty bids us not just rise but reach up to the sky! Continue reading

Shimmering Shadows

This is an unfinished poem I wrote for a Dungeons and dragons campaign that I partially planned but was never played (the campaign was planned to fit the poem, and then they both fed off each other) There are other parts to it, but they aren’t complete and spoil some of the twists. This summarises the first phase of the campaign.

Shimmering Shadows

The regal dawn, the pauper’s crown,
The sun-drenched trumpeter of great renown,
Rouses the land with a soundless roar,
“The darkness is over now, awake once more!” Continue reading