Seven Years

Seven years we have been one,
And what has come of that?
Three boys, two fish, one house, one car,
One temporary cat.

But most of all, my precious one,
A love that’s built to last.
A love that’s conquered all the pain
And heartbreak in our past

I would another fifty years
Or longer that you stayed
Until the call of heaven can
No longer be delayed

Whatever hurts you hurts me more
When sorrow clouds your eyes
Your victories and joys, my love
Are my most treasured prize

Let the cords that bind us
Be always strong and true
Let not my selfish pride destroy
The wonder that is you.


How could this fount of sweetness
Have found its source in me?
Where did such beauty come from
That shines so radiantly?

What miracle could cause this life
That blesses all it meets
And melts my heart with one big smile
When asking, “Daddy, please”?

What zest for life, what willingness
To lend a helping hand;
Let him inspire me each new day
To make a righteous stand.

*Author’s note – this is another older one, the boy referred to here is no longer my youngest. He is still very sweet most of the time though 🙂

A Little Boy’s Perspective

Each new day is a voyage of discovery;
Each answered question is a step along the way
To revealing a great pattern
That when fully understood
Will unlock another mystery of life.

So do not be surprised
That my questions never seem to end;
It’s all part of my grand investigation.
So many things to learn,
So many facts and principles
That will help me to live life to the full.


How much to buy your very soul?
What price your honour earned?
What should be paid for your true love
To be forever turned?

What price your faith and principles?
How much to sell a lie?
What’s the going rate to be full of hate
To go to jail or die?

Who sets the market price for vice?
Who runs that stock exchange?
What comfort will those treasures be
When you’re exposed and shamed?

Forgive my unambitious plan
To choose a simpler way,
Where faithfulness and honesty
Are not for sale today.


A small town groans and suffers
Corrupt and full of strife
Where evil reigns and smothers
All hope and joys of life.

Then came along a wandering fire
To cleanse the streets of sin
His fearsome features stained with mire
Yet still was welcomed in.

Great struggles raged and shook the homes
Of monsters calm and proud
Who limped away with broken bones
Defeated, weak and cowed.

And when the work was done they asked
Him to stay on a while
To teach them to perform the task
And face the coming trial.

With bravery renewed they meet
To bid their guest farewell
And thank him for his mighty feat
To end their living hell.

They don’t now need one hero
For all must do their part;
Now all have seen and all now know
They need a whole new start.


Strolling through the undergrowth
Drenched with pure sweet air
Rejoicing in life’s affluence
And jewels here and there.

Such unashamed magnificence
Such strength and graceful lines
Enduring generosity
To bless these sacred times

How to approach such bounty
And manage this resource?
Take the time to learn its ways
And understand its source.

To My Wife

You keep telling me you’re ugly,
It simply isn’t true;
So much majestic beauty shines
From deep inside of you.

Your voice is such sweet music
An enchanting melody,
Your laugh the rousing chorus
Of your spirit’s symphony.

Your eyes have such a sparkle
When they light upon my face.
I draw you close, invite you in
To my most private space.

When your tears slice right through me
And tear into my heart,
I long to listen, hold and comfort you
‘Til you’re whole in every part.

My heart is fully open
To you and you alone
All I was and am and will be
All I have is yours to own.

It is such a wondrous blessing
To have you in my life
It would all be so much poorer
Without you, my precious wife.

*Author’s note – this is an old poem, and the first line no longer applies, she doesn’t do that anymore. Success!