Sci Phi Journal 2.0 is Live!

Sci Phi Journal is under new management, with a new look and new business strategy, though many of the old staff have stayed on, including myself. All the subscriber-only stories from the previous website are now free to read, other changes to how things will move forward can be found here:

Superversive Press titles on Kindle Countdown sales!

Superversive Press made the following announcement earlier today, these deals run out in about 3 hours from now (I was the editor for both of these, and contributor to the second, so receive a share of the royalties from each sale):

You can currently pick up the dystopian science fiction novella The Product by Marina Fontaine in a Kindle Count down sale, proceeds from which go to feed the author as well as help keep Superversive SF alive! The Product is a story that Dragon Award winning author of CTRL ALT Revolt! Nick Cole, said ““Fontaine expertly paints a loveless future where what’s human and what’s real is dangerous and highly illegal. Taut, passionate and compelling, this vignette of a dark future reminds us that we are still human, no matter what laws are passed. A fearless warning for these fear-filled times.”, get it now before the sale is over!

Sci Phi Journal stories and article is available on a Kindle countdown sale as well. Proceeds feed authors and help keep the lights on too as well as giving you a good Sci Phi fix.


The First Quarterly Issue of Sci Phi Journal 2016 is out!

For those of you who are not (yet 🙂 ) subscribers to the excellent Sci Phi Journal (in my totally unbiased opinion as frequent contributor and editing staff member 😛 ) can now obtain for the paltry sum of $4.99 the first three months of this year’s stories and articles, including one by yours truly, a polished and expanded version of one of my longer opinion pieces first posted here at this blog.

Click on the image below to take a look.sciphi_q1_2016

Of course, if you are a subscriber to the journal, you will get to read all of Sci Phi’s excellent content 6 months before it becomes available to everyone else, plus other additional content and rewards.

To become a subscriber, go here

American Philosophical Association Short story competition

Calling all budding philosophers with a hankering for expanding your literary boundaries!

The American Philosophical Association is running a short story competition in collaboration with Sci Phi Journal, with a first prize of $500  from the APA and publication in Sci Phi Journal. It is open to everyone with a submission deadline of February 2017.

For details, see the announcement over on Eric Schwitzgebel’s blog.



Sci Phi Journal Hugo packet released to the public!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Or rather, read for yourself for free my picks for the best story and article from each of last year’s issues of Sci Phi Journal. Some choices were very hard to make, so people who have read the issues may disagree with my selections, but I hope you’ll all agree that all of these offerings are worth a read, and it’s hard to argue with the price, isn’t it?.

Kate Paulk, organizer of this year’s Sad Puppies campaign, thought Sci Phi Journal’s Hugo packet stood out from the rest when it came to the semiprozine category.

Take a look and see if you agree…










As this is a free ebook, please distribute and share it as widely as possible, even hosting it yourself, as long as the files themselves are not modified. If you like what you read, please consider becoming a subscriber to the journal at the journal’s patreon page. (As a member of the journal’s editing staff, I receive a portion of reader’s subscriptions, so subscribing to the journal will also indirectly support me).





(My apologies for the lack of activity at this blog, I have been hard at work on some projects that are not yet ready to be announced, but I am very excited about.)

Sci Phi Journal and SuperversiveSF are Hugo finalists!

This is another proud moment. Sci Phi Journal, where I am a member of the editing staff and have contributed to more issues than anyone else, is one of the five finalists for a Hugo award in the ‘Best Semiprozine’ category, and SuperversiveSF, where I am a regular contributor and one of the founding members, is one of the five finalists for best fanzine. Fellow SuperversiveSF member and Sci Phi Journal contributor Brian Niemeier is on the shortlist for the John W. Campbell award for best new writer, the only finalist not to be in his final year of eligibility.

Congratulations to everyone who made the final list!

The full list of finalists can be found here

To become a subscriber to Sci Phi Journal, go here



I’ve had an article published in Sci Phi Journal

As the title says, I’ve had an article published over at the sci phi journal website as part of its free content. Long-term followers of this blog might recognize it as a (much improved imho) rewrite of an older post from here:


For access to all of the paid content, you can become a subscriber to the journal here.

In the interests of transparency, as a contributor (and also as an editor of the magazine), I receive a share of the proceeds from subscriptions, so the more people sign up for subscriptions, the more I (and the other fine contributors) will be paid.

Price discounts on Beyond the Mist

A new more thumbnail-friendly cover image has been added to the kindle ebook version of Beyond the Mist, and the price of the ebook has been reduced from $3.99 to $2.99 (and by appropriate amounts in other amazon territories):


In addition, for followers of this blog looking to purchase the paperback version, a discount code has been created for the createspace site that takes $2 off the cover price, meaning a price of $5.99 plus delivery for the paperback from there.

To do this, simply go to the createspace site for the book:

And add a copy of the book in your cart and below the subtotal of your order there is a box where you can enter the discount code


and click on the ‘Apply Discount’ button.

Compare the price via this route with buying from amazon, and choose whichever arrangement is the best deal for you.


Beyond the Mist is Now on Sale

Beyond the Mist 3rd amendment_no border

You can grab the ebook version of Beyond the Mist at amazon right now.

The paperback version is being worked on, and the book’s dedicated page has been updated.

John C. Wright seems to like it over at his blog, you can read his foreword and almost the first three chapters (including one of Cat Leonard’s wonderful illustrations) via amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature.

This is a supremely exciting time for me, and a big relief to finally have it out there for you all to enjoy.

Spread the word!

(And this is the 200th post on this blog. Highly appropriate!)