No New Year’s Resolutions

No New Year’s resolutions,
No fashionable fears.
No trendy ways to see the world
Or stop imagined tears.

I’ll stand upon the bedrock
Of truth that conquered all;
Defying time’s great ravages
And even death’s grey pall. Continue reading

Christmas Shopping?

Bereft of ideas
Searching for that perfect gift
That will give your treasured hearts
A flash of joy and lasting lift.

But what can give such boundless joy?
You’re surrounded by a thousand promises
Of heaven in a little box
Of what you’ve all been looking for

What gives a soul such fortitude,
To stand these torrents of harassed seekers,
And persist in your hopeless search,
For the key to a moment of family bliss?

Stand back from the stream,
See the madness of it all.
A present is too easy;
A well-lived life is a worthier call.

To be a good father, husband, friend
A faithful wife, mother, sibling or child.
And every day, not just once a year,
What is the point of appearances?

Give me reality and make it better.
Acknowledge a problem and work to resolve it.
Comfort the lonely, be there for a friend,
Celebrate small victories, yet

See life through to the end.