Kindle Countdown Deal for Nobility Among Us

A Kindle Countdown deal for Nobility Among Us for the US territory of will be starting today at approximately 8 a.m. PST (4pm GMT), in which the kindle ebook version of the book can be bought for as little as $0.99 until the same time  on Sunday, after that the price will go up by 1 dollar every two days until it reaches its normal price again.

More information about the book can be found via the Nobility Among Us page, linked to in the menu bar at the top of this page, the kindle countdown deal will be occurring here.

The Joy of Wonder

Last week’s post inspired a series of connected thoughts that I intend to share with you all in sequence.

Looking at little Timmy’s enthusiasm for the same thing again and again raised in me an obvious question, what are the things that I, as an adult, never tire of watching? Continue reading

An Apology

I apologise for the delay with this week’s post, caused by something similar* to that described in the video below:

*by this I mean a much milder stomach complaint that made it very uncomfortable to sit upright for an extended period and made for much more interrupted sleep at night than normal. No doctors visits were needed or anything like that, and I’m almost back to full health, this week’s post should be ready tomorrow or the day after. Besides, it seemed like a good excuse to post the above video 🙂

The Joy of Constancy

Let me take this opportunity to talk a little about the infinite sweetness of my youngest son.
Each look from his big brown eyes speaks ten thousand words and concepts that he can’t even begin to dream of.
Each discovery he makes reminds us of another wonder of existence.
We rejoice in his struggles, in the lessons that he learns, in a life that looks to us with total trust. Continue reading