Enjoy Valentine’s Day, Planetary Style

Today is Valentine’s Day, and the official launch date for the second of Superversive Press’ Planetary Anthologies, this time it’s Venus—twenty captivating stories of love, romance, the planet and the goddess (in various guises). It’s well worth a look, and not just at the video above 🙂


The Broken Man, by Hawkings Austin

The latest new release from Superversive Press is the debut novel of Hawkings Austin, The Broken Man:

A young boy orphaned years ago is becoming a man and searching for his true calling. He was taken in by a mysterious giant, crippled and cast out by his own people, who is trying to make amends for his sorcerous past and prove to his new neighbors that he is not a monster. The two of them have been tasked with solving a dangerous mystery that has stumped the city philosophers:

A mysterious creature that the country folk call the Shadow Man is devouring children in the forest.

Planetary Fiction: Mercury

Planetary Fiction from Superversive Press kicks off with Mercury: tales of wonder, mystery, trickery, illusion, alchemy, couriers desperate to get through against all odds, teasing promises of power and immortality, meetings with alien intelligences and explorations of weird alternate histories of the closest planet to our Sun.

Worlds of Wonder Await at your fingertips, take the plunge and explore Planetary Fiction: Mercury from Superversive Press

The livestream to accompany the book launch can be followed here

Solar system fly-through animation obtained from videvo.com
Lightning and tracer effects, Soaring Theme and soft whoosh sound effect from footagecrate.com
Music Holst’s The Planets- Mercury Public Domain recording by US Air Force Band
Public Domain Mercury Footage from NASA JPL Messenger Mission
Cover Artwork by Lee Madison
Rotating Earth and Particle effect obtained from pixabay.com
Other animation, audio and video editing by me 🙂

Silent Night

A while back I got another use out of my Evil McPersuadey Mind-Control Ray and Ear Cleaner (Patent Pending) to convince my parents to make a large contribution towards upgrading my recording equipment for my birthday this year. It’s about time that I began providing some return on that investment, so allow me to demonstrate the full power of this primed and fully operational recording station!

If you’d like to see more of this type of thing, then please consider downloading the song from cdbaby for only 99 cents.

Astounding Frontiers Issue 6

The Kindle version of Issue 6 of Astounding Frontiers is now available at amazon. This issue contains a story of a mysterious island by Jon del Arroz, the conclusion to Julie Frost’s Cyborg Werewolf tale, a ballad of a lone space marine by myself, as well as the continuation of Ben Wheeler’s and Corey McCleery’s action-packed serials. Don’t miss it!

Cover artwork by Dawn Witzke,

animation by Ben Zwycky, using special effects from footagecrate.com

music: Earthy Crust by Jingle Punks

Students of the Roanoke Academy

The long-awaited main book trailer for the fourth book in L.Jagi Lamplighter’s excellent Books of Unexpected Enlightenment series is now unveiled. Please enjoy and share around as much as possible.

When otherworldly forces conspire against those she loves, Rachel Griffin must face her most desperate hour.

This on top of winter fairies, lost friends, undeniably attractive older boys, and, oh, a rampaging ogre.

Out now on Amazon

Music by Sean McCleery

Lead vocals by Sarah Koolbeck

Lyrics, accompanying vocals, audio editing, animation, and video editing by Ben Zwycky

Cover artwork by Dan Lawliss

Character drawings by John C. Wright

Other images public domain from pixabay.com

Selected special effects from footagecrate.com

Flying clouds background from ignitemotion.com

Free copies of Beyond the Mist at the Unexpected Party!

Now that the book has gone live at Amazon, the facebook launch party for the fourth book in L.Jagi Lamplighter’s excellent Books of Unexpected Enlightenment series begins in a few hours, and not only will there be the unveiling of a spectacular promotional video I made, but she will be having numerous guests, games and giveaways, including two ebook copies of Beyond the Mist  (If you already have a copy, then numerous other books are also on offer, and I’d also be happy to send one of my other books instead).

Head on over to the facebook launch party, which begins at 2.30pm EST and is sure to be a lot of fun, and I might see you there!