Issue 8’s Cat Leonard Artwork for Beyond the Mist!

Issue 8 of Sci Phi Journal, which will be the last issue of the journal in its current format, will feature chapters 14 and 15 of Beyond the Mist. The last two installments will continue in the new sustainable format, which will mean I’ll start get paid for the editing work I’ve been doing on the journal as well as for my contributions, though the initial rates may be lower until subscriptions pick up, details on the new setup can be found here.

Cat Leonard’s second illustration, depicting the protagonist’s first look at the wilderness valley as he emerges from the trees, will appear in Issue 8, and looks like this:


The other two illustrations will be done, and will appear in the final standalone publication of Beyond the Mist, which will be available both in ebook and paperback form after the last two installments have been made available to Sci Phi Journal subscribers in due course.

New Beyond The Mist Artwork and Sci Phi Issue 7 News!

Using my Evil McPersuadey patented Ultrasonic Mind-Control Ray and Ear Cleaner, I have convinced the ever awesome Cat Leonard to produce not one, but four new illustrations to accompany new instalments of Beyond the Mist in Sci Phi Journal. Here is the first illustration, that my wife immediately said she wanted on a T-shirt of her own:

beyond the mist

The final proofreading phase of Issue 7 is now underway, and all should be ready in time for the issue’s release before the end of the month. In related news, as of Issue 7 I will be also listed as one of the editors, so can now proudly refer to myself as a contributing editor of Sci Phi Journal. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sci Phi Journal Issue 6 Artwork Sneak Peek

Sci Phi Journal Issue 6, featuring Beyond the Mist chapters 10 and 11, (plus of course the Beyond the Mist Naming Contest), is about to enter the final proofreading stage. Here to whet your appetite is a look at some of the artwork in the issue by the irrepressible Cat Leonard. First of all the cover imagesciphi6teaser Then artwork for each of the issue’s stories. Let your imagination run wild!frank on-the-bottle-copystunted there-is-an-app-copy the-story-is-a-lie-copy TN-3960 whispers

An Apology, a Request and an Announcement

My apologies for the lack of poem this week, my youngest son has a minor case of pneumonia (not the first time, it’s a lot milder this time). He’s not had to be hospitalised, he’s taking antibiotics which seem to be kicking in properly, he’s regained his taste for food and had his first calm night in about a week, so things are looking positive. This has meant a lack of restful nights for the whole of this past week, so I haven’t gotten much written. I would appreciate people’s prayers for Timmy that he would continue to recover well and that we could get some quality rest.

I did manage to write a poem, but that will be used in chapter 11 or 12 of Beyond the Mist, so I can’t post it until that is published (which will probably be in Sci Phi Issue 6). Sci Phi Issue 4 is on schedule for the end of February/beginning of March, and the cover art for that by the ever Awesome Cat Leonard has just been released, so take a look and imagine the possibilities…

Sci Phi Journal Issue 4

Sci Phi Journal Issue 4