Boogie Woogie Gospel

My apologies for the long silence and the low quality of this production; lockdowns and heavy workloads and other factors have conspired to frustrate my efforts to produce something more worthy of those who follow my efforts, and I was restricted to using stock music instead of a commissioned accompaniment as I planned. Still, I hope at least some of you will find it enjoyable and uplifting.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present Boogie Woogie Gospel, inspired by the joyful stylings of Dr K, otherwise known as Brendan Kavanagh.

Boogie Woogie Gospel

The world we live in changes with bewildering speed,
With people ungrateful, hateful, jealous, bitter indeed.
Well, as God is my witness, this musical business
Is just the dose of joy that your soul really needs.

You don’t know me, so don’t throw me and my message away,
Come up near now, so you’ll hear what I’m trying to say.
Be rid of the darkness in your heart,
Turn yourself around with a whole new start,
And start a joyful life on this beautiful day.

A long time ago, a man played a dangerous game,
Brought hope to the poor, the outcast, the sick and the lame;
The corrupted elites looked down on the streets
With jealous fury when the people called out His name.

He’s so holy and so wholly different from them,
Bringing healing, revealing a radical change.
He took their thorniest questions and evil suggestions,
And wowed them with his wisdom, winning every exchange.

Embarrassed by their failure, they saw him as a deadly threat
To their power and position, and so they plotted his death.
They paid one of his friends to betray him,
So they could take him in secret and slay him,
But he used their evil plan to pay all of our debts.

He chose to be tortured and die the way that we deserved,
‘Cause he came to this world to save us, and not to be served;
He offers us life abundant, where our worry and fear are redundant,
Up in his Father’s house, he has our places reserved.

After everything that he’s done for all of us,
I’d say he fully deserves every bit of our trust,
So put your life in his hands,
He’ll give you the strength to stand,
And lead you faithfully to the Promised Land.


Musical accompaniment: Boogie Woogie Bed by Audionautix, in places cut and pasted, at the end slowed