More Reviewer Praise for Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders!

Another reviewer has nice things to say about the paperback version of Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders, though this time from a much more down-to-earth angle. J.D. Cowan has this to say over at amazon:

Thoughtful and Wondrous

I don’t know much about poetry, being an uncultured rube, but I know what I like. Reading Ben Zwycky’s “Heroes and Wonders” was a reminder into what I do like from poetry. This is inspirational in the best way. Each poem is an ode to beauty, love, God, and all the great things this world offers. It’s a shock to the system to read something so pure and straightforward without cynicism and bleakness attached. It was a joy to read.

Highly recommended for those who want to be inspired, and those who tend to forget that life offers many great things. It’s a cure for the rainy day.


This kind of response to my work really makes my day, especially when it’s the type of literature they wouldn’t normally look at.

Take a chance on Heroes and Wonders, you might just like it more than you expect 🙂

Selected Verse - Heroes and Wonders

Speaking of paperbacks, the second edition paperback of Nobility Among Us is now only $9.99 at amazon!

Sci Phi Journal Hugo packet released to the public!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Or rather, read for yourself for free my picks for the best story and article from each of last year’s issues of Sci Phi Journal. Some choices were very hard to make, so people who have read the issues may disagree with my selections, but I hope you’ll all agree that all of these offerings are worth a read, and it’s hard to argue with the price, isn’t it?.

Kate Paulk, organizer of this year’s Sad Puppies campaign, thought Sci Phi Journal’s Hugo packet stood out from the rest when it came to the semiprozine category.

Take a look and see if you agree…










As this is a free ebook, please distribute and share it as widely as possible, even hosting it yourself, as long as the files themselves are not modified. If you like what you read, please consider becoming a subscriber to the journal at the journal’s patreon page. (As a member of the journal’s editing staff, I receive a portion of reader’s subscriptions, so subscribing to the journal will also indirectly support me).





(My apologies for the lack of activity at this blog, I have been hard at work on some projects that are not yet ready to be announced, but I am very excited about.)