Nobility Among Us

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“Still, this process does not sit well with me. Letting the people think they are in control of these proceedings, having them vote for their chosen candidate as if they will change the way things are done, these are dangerous ideas. Furthermore, these are actual lowborns we are admitting to our ranks. What if something slips through the filtering process, what then? I have this nagging feeling that this whole enterprise will come back to haunt us one day.”

Brought together by a reality show designed to pacify the people of Gandria, Viscount Marcus Draishire and his low-born wife are secret devotees of the forbidden book. This could get both of them imprisoned or worse. Marcus hears a case of a cattle farmer suing his baron for unfair taxation. Should he follow the king’s decree, that all nobles are immune from criticism, or judge the case on its merits? Marcus chooses the latter and gets himself some unwanted attention. He now has to balance acting in the best interests of his subjects against antagonising his superiors, who tend to express their displeasure with a bomb, bullet or knife. The people under him have their own struggles and the nobility itself is walking something of a tightrope, the need to crush dissent weighing against that of projecting a benevolent public image; no-one wants another uprising. Follow the ripples caused by Marcus’ quiet revolution in NOBILITY AMONG US.


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There is also the option of buying the paperback direct from the author, but due to international postage costs, that may only be more economical for customers in the Czech Republic. (250 CZK, recorded delivery postage and packing 60 CZK, international shipping costs will be higher, please use the contact form below to arrange this. Until existing stock runs out, copies direct from the author will be the first edition)

Compare the above options and select whichever one suits you the best. The beginning of the book can be read here, so you can see if this is the kind of book you will like.

Nobility Among Us also now has its own facebook page, as does its author.

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