Christmas Context

There was once a tiny nation, at the green and pleasant crossroads between history’s great powers, constantly buffeted this way and that, kicked around, conquered and swamped again and again by this side or that throughout its history, and now firmly in the iron jaws of the greatest of them all. This power was used to dealing with and crushing all rebellion against its might. Every proud voice was silenced, every upraised head was beaten down into the dust. Everyone left standing was cowed and compliant. This was a conquered, beaten people.

And yet a spark of hope remained. Continue reading

My Wife, the Hero

My wife is in the last month of her fifth pregnancy, so this one is for her:

My Wife, the Hero

Each day you do so much for us:
Driving our own family bus,
Cooking for our countless horde
Of boys who like to claim they’re bored.

Cleaning, sprucing, beautifying
Our home in all its calm-defying
Noise and bustle, schedules packed
Are somehow managed, well, in fact. Continue reading

Christmas Ordering deadlines for Nobility Among Us

I just received this notice from the publisher:

Please find below the final Christmas order dates for direct site order through FeedARead. To assure delivery of your books before Christmas, please place orders no later than:

Paperback Books – Direct Site Order

In the US – December 10th
In the UK –  December 10th
In Australia – December 10th
In Europe –  December 7th

• Please note that books are processed for print on the print line first, and any orders placed after the noted cut-off dates above cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery.
• Please order early! Countries internal postage systems will have the largest workload on their infrastructures in the holiday season so please order early to avoid unexpected delays

We will be working up to Christmas, and all orders past the above dates will be processed as soon as possible by the printers.

Ordering books at booksellers
Final Christmas order dates for books at booksellers such as Amazon will be as listed on the various booksellers websites.

So if you are wanting to order a paperback copy for someone for Christmas, please do so by the above dates. Of course this doesn’t apply to buying the Kindle ebook version, or to customers in the Czech Republic ordering copies direct from the author.