On Leonard Nimoy’s Passing

Over at SuperversiveSF, I have added my own thoughts to the many eulogies offered to the man who’s most famous role gained almost archetypal status, that of the benevolent Vulcan philosopher Mr. Spock:

For me, Leonard Nimoy always embodied the wise and self-controlled paternal figure, whose gentleness was that of a man who was well aware of his own strength and the damage it can cause, so showed restraint wherever possible, but was always prepared to use that great strength to defend the innocent and stand up to evil wherever it appeared. In that his persona was that of that greatest of ancient figures, the warrior poet, who is not only strong and skilled in the arts of war, but also possesses the moral clarity to know the proper time and place to use those arts for the good of those around him and society as a whole. He also embodied the deep thinker, the guardian to another world of wonder and mystery, into which he would allow us to peer ever so briefly and whet our appetite to begin our own search for truth and wisdom.

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Sci Phi Journal Issue 4 is out now, and more reviewer Praise for Beyond the Mist!

Issue 4 of the Sci Phi Journal, featuring chapters 6 and 7 of Beyond the Mist, is now available for purchase in ebook form at Amazon and Castalia House and in paperback form at Amazon and Createspace.

Patrick S.Baker, author of On the Ethics of Super Soldiers, The Crescent and the Hammer and many others, had this to say about it:

My reviews of this fine publication have become a bit redunant, I’ll admit. But sadly there are only so many synonyms for excellent and thought- provoking.
The continuation of Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky alone is worth the price.


Needless to say, upon reading his comment I was jumping about for joy like an excited three-year-old (Luckily we had one to hand for calibration purposes, all relevant parameters matched well beyond the accepted level of statistical significance)


Get your copy today and see if you think his embarrassingly high praise is justified.



Issue 4 of Sci Phi Journal is coming soon!

I have just finished proofreading Issue 4 of Sci Phi Journal, which includes chapters 6 and 7 of Beyond the Mist. The final version should be off to the distributors in a couple of days and ready for you good people to enjoy in exchange for a small amount of your hard-earned local coinage before the end of the month. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the delightful cover artwork by the irrepressible Cat Leonard:

Sci Phi Journal Issue 4

Sci Phi Journal Issue 4


Tumbling sunlit turbulence shedding rainbows in its wake,

Inviting travellers to stop a while and take a break.

Its soothing roar creates a cloud of sweet nutritious mist,

Soaking vibrant greenery as if all freshly kissed.


Luscious churning, dancing foam invites you to dive in,

Massage yourself with bubbles and invigorate your skin.

Fresh aerated water in which the salmon thrive,

A dip into the cooling depths will make you feel alive.


The crystal clear pure water looks heavenly to drink,

The kind that really clears your head and frees your mind to think.

Put me beside a waterfall, I’m at peace all day;

I hope the River of pure Life has some along the way.

Sci Phi Art by Cat Leonard

The ever awesome artist Cat Leonard has been at it again, producing evocative painting after painting to illustrate stories from the Sci Phi Journal. You can take a look at them here:




Additionally, through the wonders of modern technology, you can now order all sorts of merchandise incorporating those paintings, so for example you can have a tasteful Beyond the Mist T-shirt (or even pillow or duvet cover, to help you dream about the Gravity Ring) delivered to your door:





The Greatest Joy

We’re slandered and insulted,

Betrayed and ridiculed

Potrayed as evil, backward

And so effortlessly fooled.


Relentless in their mockery,

Comfortable with lies,

They never tire of poking fun

At those they so despise.


They laugh at our great suffering

And flaunt their stolen wealth

Secured by crony networks

And in the best of health.


And yet we have a hope that their blind eyes can never see,

And know a joy so deep it runs into eternity.

We know the Source of all, who is above all time and space,

Whose glories far outweigh all trials that we could ever face.


His peace is overwhelming, his mercy covers all;

His grace is still transforming all victims of the Fall.

Our future is so radiant with love and joy and light,

So how could we fear mortal men in all their puny might?


We won’t lash out in anger, we’ll rest and sleep in peace,

Then in the morning work to make His loving rule increase.

So pause now and consider, who you’ll serve and trust —

The Lord of all creation, or men drunk with powerlust?