Where now the fangs of yesteryear
That pinned us to the dust,
Reminding us of all our failures,
Weaknesses and lusts?

All shattered by a holy cry
As He hung on the cross,
And all I thought enormous gain
Is now but minor loss.

The ghosts that haunt our murky past
Now give us different pause;
To treasure His abundant love,
His mercy and His cause.

Friendship and Art – What are they Good For?

I would like to do something different this week, because about two weeks ago I saw something on youtube that moved me so deeply that I just have to discuss it. I know I am very late to the party, as this all happened half a year or more ago, and many of these things have most likely already been said, but I just cannot keep these thoughts to myself. There are so many areas to talk about, that this has ended up taking me a lot longer than I initially planned.

I am going to talk about Jonathan and Charlotte, a singing duo that took part in Britain’s Got Talent last year, finishing second. Continue reading

Thirteen Email Years Ago

As is tradition, each year on the anniversary of the first time I emailed the girl who is now my wife, I write her a poem and send it to her on the 1st of May with instructions to read it on the 2nd. Here is this year’s effort:

Thirteen Email Years Ago

Scattered thoughts, deflated hopes,
My lonely soul was on the ropes.
Resigned to life without a love
And then He sent one from above.

He used an unexpected route,
No lightning bolt or vision cute.
Instead a boy who liked to tease
And made us both feel ill at ease. Continue reading