Kindle Countdown deals on Nobility Among Us and Heroes and Wonders!

New Kindle Countdown deals on Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders and Nobility Among Us started this morning, they will be on sale for 99 cents for the next week. Selected Verse – Faith and Family was recently permanently reduced in price to 99 cents. Grab them while you can!

all cover_f1_v13_frontsmallSelected Verse - Heroes and Wonders

Selected Verse - Faith and Family

A Brief Guide to Gandria – the Setting of Nobility Among Us

To those who may be interested in the setting of Nobility Among Us (and why the book is categorized as an alternative history novel), here is an appendix I originally wanted to include in the book, but later decided against, as the kingdom seemed to take on a life of its own without needing to directly refer to our own world. (Appendix B was the Noble Hierarchy Chart which did make it in, I include it below).

Appendix A – A Brief Guide to Gandria

(All entries in this guide describe the situation at the beginning of the story) Continue reading

The Injustice Gamer Takes on Nobility Among Us!

Thanks to my network of operatives across the interwebs, I was informed that the Injustice Gamer blog has taken note of my first novel’s many thoughtcrimes against the Unholy Social Justice Narrative:

Is this book a perfect act of Injustice? No, but it does certainly contain a great multitude of sins, purporting equality before the law, mercy, forgiveness, redemption, and actual Christian faith. His writing is of good quality, but clearly still growing at this point. Given Mr. Zwycky’s propensity for critical, independent thought, and his clear advocacy for such vile acts, I judge it at 8 of 10 fell deeds.

As far as I can tell, The Injustice Gamer blog has done no other book reviews, so I am honoured to be singled out for such attention and must shamelessly concur with all of my work’s offences against the Narrative.

To preview the kindle ebook of the second edition, click on the image below:

all cover_f1_v13_frontsmall

Preview the book

For other sales options, visit the book’s sales page

Nobility Among Us Second Edition is now live!

In response to a survey, I have recently created a createspace version of the paperback of Nobility Among Us, so that it can be available to purchase on amazon in the US, canada and europe (expanding the distribution to include all territories would men raising the price to at least $14). At the same time, I took the opportunity to go through the whole text fixing typos as well as formatting and  grammatical errors, so the test is still far from perfect, but a lot more polished than before, with an adjusted version of the cover art so that this second edition is distinguishable from the first. The kindle version has been updated to match this second version.all cover_f1_v13_frontsmall

For those outside the above territories (or those wishing to give the author a greater royalty per sale), the paperback version can also be ordered direct from createspace here: (the discount code for this title is the same as for all my other books, 36AUPWCS, and reduces its price to $9.99 plus postage).

The sales page for this book has now been updated.

Happy shopping!

High Reviewer Praise for Nobility Among Us

I recently noticed a new 4-star review up at amazon of Nobility Among Us, by one Leslie Davidson, which begins thusly:

This is the best self-published book I’ve ever read. Sounds like faint praise, I know, but I’m mulling over graphic-novel adaptations in my head. With my drawing skill, that’s not a very actionable fantasy for the foreseeable future, but the other two books that have inspired such thoughts in me are Valley of Fear and Michael Flynn’s Firestar, so… yeah. I really, really liked it.

He mentions some of the book’s shortcomings, and these are valid criticisms, but he thoroughly enjoyed the parts that I enjoyed writing the most, and was moved by the parts that were most moving and/or difficult to write for me.

You can read his full review here:

He bought the paperback version, which is now no longer available from amazon, and feedaread would charge a considerable fee to make it available on amazon or globally. The thought occurs, do people want me to reintroduce it to amazon as a paperback via createspace? It would take quite a bit of work to reformat and catch any remaining issues,  the cosmetic issues in the current imprint are relatively minor, and the copies that can be ordered directly from the author would be the old version until that stock runs out.

Nobility Among Us

Back from Time Away

I am now back from my very pleasant time away with a minor thumb injury that is healing nicely, so that won’t slow me down, but a huge pile up of regular work over the seven days that probably will. Book prizes have been distributed, a review copy of Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders sent to a major poetry site at their request, and as promised, the kindle ebook prices of Nobility Among Us and Selected Verse – Faith and Family have been reduced to $2.99 and $1.99, respectively, (and equivalent lowered prices in all other territories, so that the prices for both of my novels and for both of my poetry collections should match in all territories).

We’ll see how much progress I can make on my various planned projects over the next few weeks and months, which currently includes some short stories, novels, book reviews and of course further editing work for Sci Phi Journal. I’ll also look into setting up a mailing list to more reliably announce upcoming releases and other news, but we’ll see how everything else goes first.

Tombs and Terrors Online game – My Books Are Among the Treasure!

A unique online event is going to be held this Friday, an old-school dnd dungeon crawl with genuine ebooks and paperbacks as the random treasures. Among the treasures will be two ebook copies of Beyond the Mist, two of Nobility Among Us, and two of Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders (If it’s not on sale by the time the game starts, these will be eARC’s of that collection). The event is sponsored by Nick Cole’s excellent Cyberpunk Novel Ctrl-Alt-Revolt!, so there will be in-game bonuses for people who have bought and/or reviewed that book. Don’t ask me how the game will work, I’m not running it, just contributing to the pot of prizes together with a lot of fine writers, and that pot is still growing. Take a look for yourself over here:


Promotion After Action Report and Where We Go From Here

How the Promotion Went

Well, the threeway kindle countdown deal is now over, and thanks to the signal boost from scifiwright, castalia house and elsewhere, the results were very encouraging, far better than any previous sale I’ve run.

Records Broken.

The first two days of the deal began much like any other, but once the plug from scifiwright came, things got interesting. Continue reading

Selected Verse – Faith and Family currently No.1 in Family Poetry on Amazon!

Thanks to the awesome influx of people visiting here from scifiwright and elsewhere (obliterating my daily traffic records) and buying up my books on sale, Selected Verse: Faith and Family has now reached the No. 1 spot for Family-themed poetry, and no. 9 in Religious and Inspirational Poetry ebooks at Amazon. I know this probably won’t last long, given how quickly these rankings can change, but I thought this moment worthy of recording for posterity. Family poetry is a surprisingly small category, let’s see if we can climb any higher in the bigger categories.

selectedverseno1Speaking of much larger categories, Beyond the Mist is now no.8 in metaphysical genre fiction, highly respectable  positions in major categories and approaching the overall top 7,000 paid books in the kindle store:BtMrankno8

And Nobility Among Us briefly popped into the top 30 Alternative history ebooks:NAUpeakrank

Kindle Countdown Deal on All Three of my Books!

As part of the buildup to the release of my second poetry collection, a week-long kindle countdown deal is now on for all three of my books, Nobility Among Us, Beyond the Mist, and Selected Verse: Faith and Family can all be bought for only 99 cents until midnight PST on the 19th of this month. Grab them while you can and spread the word!Beyond the Mist

Nobility Among Us

Selected Verse - Faith and Family