Back from Time Away

I am now back from my very pleasant time away with a minor thumb injury that is healing nicely, so that won’t slow me down, but a huge pile up of regular work over the seven days that probably will. Book prizes have been distributed, a review copy of Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders sent to a major poetry site at their request, and as promised, the kindle ebook prices of Nobility Among Us and Selected Verse – Faith and Family have been reduced to $2.99 and $1.99, respectively, (and equivalent lowered prices in all other territories, so that the prices for both of my novels and for both of my poetry collections should match in all territories).

We’ll see how much progress I can make on my various planned projects over the next few weeks and months, which currently includes some short stories, novels, book reviews and of course further editing work for Sci Phi Journal. I’ll also look into setting up a mailing list to more reliably announce upcoming releases and other news, but we’ll see how everything else goes first.

First Author Consignment of Heroes and Wonders Arrives!

My first consignment of Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders arrived this morning, and despite the overcast day, I managed to get a decent snapshot of the paperback in (almost) all of its glory:


As you should be able to tell from the above image, the text-free spine looks very nice indeed.

The price of the kindle ebook version has been reduced to $1.99 (with all other territories reduced accordingly) and the same will be done for my other poetry collection once the system allows it (30 days after the end of the kindle countdown deal).

One more day left of the Sci Phi Journal Half Price Sale!

The half-price deal on ebook versions of the first four issues of Sci Phi Journal is into it’s last day, so take advantage of that while you still can.

In other news, I have rearranged the kindle version of Selected Verse: Faith and Family so that the Amazon ‘Look Inside’ feature is now much more informative. If you ‘look inside’ and select the ‘kindle book’ tab, it will show you the first five poems, plus part of the sixth. If you select the ‘print book’ tab, it tells you the complete list of contents, so you know which of the poems from this blog are to be found inside.

I hope that this will enable prospective readers to make a more informed decision on whether to buy a copy of the collection for themselves.

Selected Verse: Faith and Family Paperback Price Reductions!

Selected Verse: Faith and Family gets the red carpet treatment

Selected Verse: Faith and Family gets the red carpet treatment

I recently received a shipment of paperback versions of Selected Verse: Faith and Family, so can make those available to people in the Czech Republic for 125 crowns plus postage (where applicable), which is much less than the 6 dollars plus postage for ordering from the createspace estore or US amazon.

For those of you in the UK, I have managed to reduce the price of the paperback on UK amazon to only £2.99, and eligible for super saver delivery (free shipping when forming part of an order over £10)

The price in the other european amazon territories is €3.99, and also eligible for free delivery when part of an order that exceeds the required threshold.

I was unable to reduce the US amazon price, however I was able to introduce a discount code for the createspace estore, so that by placing the book in your cart and then quoting the discount code:


You get a dollar discount, lowering the unit price to only $4.99.

Price Reduction on the Kindle ebook version of Nobility Among Us

I recently noticed that The Kindle ebook version of Nobility Among Us had an error in it, the Noble Hierarchy chart image was not displaying in the file, and the two maps were on their sides. These issues have now been fixed and the price of the ebook has been reduced to only $2.99, the price for other amazon territories being reduced to match. So take a look, and risk a little less of your hard-earned money to see if the rest of the story is worth it.