High Reviewer Praise for Nobility Among Us

I recently noticed a new 4-star review up at amazon of Nobility Among Us, by one Leslie Davidson, which begins thusly:

This is the best self-published book I’ve ever read. Sounds like faint praise, I know, but I’m mulling over graphic-novel adaptations in my head. With my drawing skill, that’s not a very actionable fantasy for the foreseeable future, but the other two books that have inspired such thoughts in me are Valley of Fear and Michael Flynn’s Firestar, so… yeah. I really, really liked it.

He mentions some of the book’s shortcomings, and these are valid criticisms, but he thoroughly enjoyed the parts that I enjoyed writing the most, and was moved by the parts that were most moving and/or difficult to write for me.

You can read his full review here:

He bought the paperback version, which is now no longer available from amazon, and feedaread would charge a considerable fee to make it available on amazon or globally. The thought occurs, do people want me to reintroduce it to amazon as a paperback via createspace? It would take quite a bit of work to reformat and catch any remaining issues,  the cosmetic issues in the current imprint are relatively minor, and the copies that can be ordered directly from the author would be the old version until that stock runs out.

Nobility Among Us

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