Nobility Among Us Second Edition is now live!

In response to a survey, I have recently created a createspace version of the paperback of Nobility Among Us, so that it can be available to purchase on amazon in the US, canada and europe (expanding the distribution to include all territories would men raising the price to at least $14). At the same time, I took the opportunity to go through the whole text fixing typos as well as formatting and  grammatical errors, so the test is still far from perfect, but a lot more polished than before, with an adjusted version of the cover art so that this second edition is distinguishable from the first. The kindle version has been updated to match this second version.all cover_f1_v13_frontsmall

For those outside the above territories (or those wishing to give the author a greater royalty per sale), the paperback version can also be ordered direct from createspace here: (the discount code for this title is the same as for all my other books, 36AUPWCS, and reduces its price to $9.99 plus postage).

The sales page for this book has now been updated.

Happy shopping!

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