Tales of the Once and Future King Launch Party

Tomorrow at 10am Eastern Time (note the change from the usual time of 3pm Eastern Time!) there will be a SuperversiveSF Livestream to celebrate today’s launch of Tales of the Once and Future King, masterfully edited by Anthony and Mariel Marchetta and featuring a reprint of “The Beast”, originally serialized on this blog and featured in Selected Verse: Heroes and WondersAnthony, myself, L.Jagi Lamplighter and other contributors to the anthology will be there to discuss the book and all that went into it. It’s sure to be an interesting and fun time, so head on over to superversivesf.com tomorrow to listen in.

The song can be bought here


Upcoming Superversive Livestream – DragonCon AAR

While we initially hoped to do a livestream from DragonCon this year, since there were so many of us there, in the end it didn’t work out so we’ll be having a post-convention discussion today at 3pm EST to talk about all that went on there, and who knows what else, given the way these livestreams tend to go 🙂

Head on over to superversiveSF to listen in.

Superversive Livestream – Steampunk

There is to be another SuperversiveSF Livestream today at 3pm Eastern Time, on the theme of Steampunk and the recent launch of For Steam and Country. It’s sure to be a lot of fun as usual, so head on over to superversiveSF later today to listen in.


SuperversiveSF Livestream Today – The Superversive Book List

Today at the usual time of 3pm Eastern there will be another superversiveSF Livestream, discussing what makes a book superversive and the WIP superversive book list. You can follow the discussion over at SuperversiveSF, or below here:


Upcoming SuperversiveSF Livestream – Religion in SF

The last SuperversiveSF Livestream of the year on the topic of Religion in Science Fiction will be happening in just over a day (on the 10th of December at 3pm EST).

Head on over to SuperversiveSF to listen in tomorrow.


Upcoming SuperversiveSF Livestream – Thanksgiving and SF

There is going to be another SuperversiveSF Livestream this coming Saturday at the usual time (which usually ends up being a little later than planned), on the topic of Thanksgiving and gratitude, both in general and in terms of science fiction stories. When the stream goes live, it will be visible here:


SuperversiveSF Livestream with special guests Dave Truesdale and Nick Cole

The next Superversive Livestream is happening at 3pm EST tomorrow, on the subject of the Hugo Award versus the Dragon Awards, and will feature Dave “Snowflake Slayer” Truesdale and not one but three Dragon Award Winners: Nick Cole, returning as a guest and our two regulars John C. Wright and Brian Niemeier. It’s sure to be an entertaining discussion, so Head over to SuperversiveSF and give us a listen!