Christmas Ordering deadlines for Nobility Among Us

I just received this notice from the publisher:

Please find below the final Christmas order dates for direct site order through FeedARead. To assure delivery of your books before Christmas, please place orders no later than:

Paperback Books – Direct Site Order

In the US – December 10th
In the UK –  December 10th
In Australia – December 10th
In Europe –  December 7th

• Please note that books are processed for print on the print line first, and any orders placed after the noted cut-off dates above cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery.
• Please order early! Countries internal postage systems will have the largest workload on their infrastructures in the holiday season so please order early to avoid unexpected delays

We will be working up to Christmas, and all orders past the above dates will be processed as soon as possible by the printers.

Ordering books at booksellers
Final Christmas order dates for books at booksellers such as Amazon will be as listed on the various booksellers websites.

So if you are wanting to order a paperback copy for someone for Christmas, please do so by the above dates. Of course this doesn’t apply to buying the Kindle ebook version, or to customers in the Czech Republic ordering copies direct from the author.

Free Kindle ebook version of Nobility Among Us with each paperback purchase! has a feature known as matchbook, where the Kindle ebook version of a book can be set to a reduced price or free for customers who have bought a physical version. This is now activated for Nobility Among Us so that anyone who bought the paperback version from can now ‘buy’ the Kindle ebook version for free.

For those of you who have bought (or in the future buy) from another shop, I can manually send you a copy of the Kindle ebook version for free. Please use the contact form below to request your free copy. Once you do, a message will be sent to the email address you give according to the shop you bought from, telling you what sort of proof of purchase to send. Once that is received from you, a free copy of the Kindle ebook version (approx. 5.6 MB) will be sent to you, either as an email attachment or in the form of a temporary private link to where you can download it. If you are unsure as to whether your email account accepts an attachment this large, assume it does not and don’t check the box.

Thank you for buying the book, and I hope you enjoy it fully in whatever format. If you don’t yet have a copy, go here and choose the shopping channel that gives you the best deal.

Nobility Among Us: Chapter 1 – The Case

Five and a half years later.

Graham Wiertham, a stocky man in his early forties and dressed in his best business suit, forced a smile and nod to acknowledge those that passed him in the lushly carpeted corridor. He noted the suits of armour, family portraits and hunting trophies on display. Is he really any different? Hearing the case is one thing, but would he dare rule against his own? He turned and looked through the large oak doors into the main courtroom of Draishire Castle. Continue reading

Nobility Among Us: Prologue

Here for your enjoyment are two of the internal images from the book (in the printed version, the maps will be in black and white) and the entirety of the Prologue. Some of the formatting may not match that in the book, since it’s not precisely formatted for blog posts. At the end there is a link to Chapter 1. Continue reading

Nobility Among Us Youtube Video Contest

I am currently in the final stages of self-publishing Nobility Among Us. The final book cover, internal artwork and manuscript have been approved, and are currently being processed by the printer, after which I will obtain a single copy for final approval before it goes on general sale (most likely in about a month).

Going the self-publishing route means doing all of my own marketing, and my funds are extremely limited. I have an idea for promoting the book via youtube video, but I don’t have the skills or tools to produce something of sufficient quality, I am especially interested in high-quality audio.

So, I would like to announce a youtube video creation contest, with a small cash prize, the overall prize fund being 60 US dollars plus two free copies of the book, the winning videos being used to promote the book. Continue reading


This is a ‘call to battle’ poem given towards the end of Nobility Among Us, it is recited with drum accompaniment at the end of a speech to the defenders of Draishire Castle. The castle is about to be assaulted with tanks, jets, helicopters and modern ground troops, which the defending side also has, but in vastly fewer numbers. The poem itself is from a much earlier age, when such technology did not exist.


Hear the approach of the marching drums.

With each beat, the enemy is closer;
With each beat, your pulses rise.
With each beat, our men are more united;
With each beat, focus fiery eyes.

With each beat, our forces are advancing;
With each beat, no more room for fear.
With each beat, our targets become clearer;
With each beat, the time for war is here.

With each beat, with each beat, with each beat…

They stop.

Now is the calm before the storm, the last breath of silence before the roar of battle begins.
Every man is straining at the leash, watching, waiting, for the fateful order to be given.

Here it comes…