Without love there is no life

I thought up this song when I first wrote the prologue scene between Marcus and Sylvia, minus the spoken introduction, with the music beginning when Marcus slowly opens the door. It sounds amazing in my head, but I don’t have the musical talent to make it a reality, maybe one day.

Without love there is no life

(spoken by female voice)

Love is full of purity
It shows patience and humility
Love is not a selfish lust
Instead love gives a grounds for trust
Love gives a child security
Love gives a thing its beauty
Because, without love there is no life.

(music begins, the rest is sung by a male voice)

Love is a many splendid thing
Love gives a broken man new wings
It perseveres, no matter what the cost
If you have love, you’re never truly lost
Love, seeing all my flaws
Love, guided by higher laws
You know, without love there is no life.

Love is anxious for the truth
Love is not eternal youth
Love is not just noises
‘Cause love makes hard choices
Love lasts through the ages
It’s written on all life’s pages
You see, without love there is no life.

It makes the ordinary great
Won’t mind if you are late
Won’t leave you to your fate
This is love

Love puts you in harm’s way
Though you try, you can’t always save the day
Love is there to share your pain
To weep and help you on your feet again
Love is a healing flow
Love gives you room to grow
You know, without love there is no life.

Love looks you in the face
Love helps you find your place
With love, you can forgive the past
Move on and build a peace to really last
Love is where you find your worth
If you’re loved, you’re more precious than the Earth
You see, without love there is no life.

It shows you you belong
It admits when it is wrong
It’s majestic and it’s strong
This is love

But love is not always returned
Love is not something you have earned
Sometimes our love isn’t even prized
Instead our thoughts are utterly despised
True love goes on caring anyway
Even when we walk the other way
It knows that without love there is no life.

Love is how you truly shine
Through love I’m yours and you are mine
Love is an open book
Love is worth a closer look
Can it be, that here is love for me?
Come explore this greatest mystery
And see that without love there is no life.

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