This is a ‘call to battle’ poem given towards the end of Nobility Among Us, it is recited with drum accompaniment at the end of a speech to the defenders of Draishire Castle. The castle is about to be assaulted with tanks, jets, helicopters and modern ground troops, which the defending side also has, but in vastly fewer numbers. The poem itself is from a much earlier age, when such technology did not exist.


Hear the approach of the marching drums.

With each beat, the enemy is closer;
With each beat, your pulses rise.
With each beat, our men are more united;
With each beat, focus fiery eyes.

With each beat, our forces are advancing;
With each beat, no more room for fear.
With each beat, our targets become clearer;
With each beat, the time for war is here.

With each beat, with each beat, with each beat…

They stop.

Now is the calm before the storm, the last breath of silence before the roar of battle begins.
Every man is straining at the leash, watching, waiting, for the fateful order to be given.

Here it comes…