My first daughter (after four sons)


My first daughter (after four sons)

This is Lydia Anna, aged four (hours), born today at 12:27 GMT measuring 51cm and weighing 3.69 kilos. Isn’t she beautiful? As a result, my schedule is pretty hectic right now and there will most likely be no poem this week. I hope you can all forgive me.

Edit – new daylight pic of her aged a full day! Look how she’s grown!

And now in daylight!And now in daylight!

Cover art for Nobility Among Us!



front_cover_f1_v8_visThis is a proposed image for the front cover, approved by me, but subject to approval from the printer. Publication is getting closer!

If you have a fast connection (or don’t mind waiting), you can take a look at the full cover art proposal, in all its awesomeness, here (warning: 12.5 MB)