I have a poem featured at the Society of Classical Poets

A little while ago, I submitted a few poems for the society of Classical Poets 2015 contest, all of which have been already posted on this blog in the past, and one of them is now featured on the society’s website:


I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome any new readers coming over here from there, and hope you find more writing to your liking.

I’m currently slightly overloaded with work, together with preparations for the launch of Beyond the Mist and normal pre-Christmas stuff (plus my daughter’s birthday), so my next poem might be a bit delayed. I will also be going to the new Star Wars film with my three eldest boys on Saturday, so it’ll be a happily busy time all round 🙂



Frozen Hope?

Continuing the theme of contest entries, this is my entry to another contest, where it beat out a whole other entry to win, so I’m not sure that can really be counted as a victory. Entries had to include the words fire, ice, black and white.

Frozen Hope?

Huddled round a fire in the days of old,
Hiding from the ire of the burning cold.
Under the stars and the grey-white moon,
Comes hope from afar that will get here soon.

A fortress of ice that gleams in the day,
With beauty to entice down a dangerous way.
“Onward, you hounds! Pick up the pace!”
Drowns out the sounds of the maddening race. Continue reading


Well, I found out this week that my entry to a major poetry competition was unsuccessful, I didn’t finish in any of the winning places (that’s the last time I pay to enter a poetry contest). I submitted two poems, Once (Which I posted on this blog last year) and this effort:


Forested deep purity
Dusted with a winter’s glow;
Crystalline perpetuity
Takes its place in nature’s show.

Fresh sunlight plays with diamonds soft
That glisten as they sing
In silent awe that drifts aloft
A peaceful offering. Continue reading


Once strong hands now tremble as they grip the spoon,
Once sure feet are now afraid to fall.
A once sharp mind now struggles to place a face,
Once sharp eyes are now blurred by misty flaws.

A once proud man now lets himself be helped from bed,
A once proud band is now reduced to one.
The once life of the party now sits and ponders what went wrong,
Where have all the years and all the heroes gone? Continue reading