An Eventful Time

I have been somewhat snowed under with work, so haven’t written a new year’s poem this year. I would like to take this opportunity to look back on the past solar cycle.


This year has seen a lot of changes in my writing career, though it still feels like it’s just the beginning. In this year alone, the number of books I’m listed as an author of at amazon has tripled from 3 to 9 (though seven of that total are Sci Phi Journal instalments of Beyond the Mist), I’m now officially an editor of the journal and a regular contributor to superversivesf, which has put me in contact with a number of highly talented writers who treat me as a peer, which still feels odd to me. I’ve released a poetry collection and am well on the way to preparing another (though I think it still needs a few more poems, so that will probably be ready around the end of March), and have had a poem published by the society of Classical poets (we’ll see how I did in their contest at the end of January).


Looking forward, Sci Phi Journal is transitioning to its new format on the 4th of January, where I have an article appearing in January as well as continuing as an editor and Beyond the Mist is about to be released as a standalone novel, with a foreword by the ever awesome John C. Wright. The scheduled release date for that is the 7th of January.


Beyond that, who knows what lies in store?

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