Issue 5 of Sci Phi Journal Coming Soon!

The next issue of Sci Phi Journal, featuring chapters 8 and 9 of Beyond the Mist as well as some excellent other stories and articles, is in the final proofreading stage and on schedule to be ready for its release at the end of this month, so here is a little sneak peak at the cover and internal art by Cat Leonard:Sciphi issue #5 cover PNGtVirs PNG GodEaters_LittleGeorgeTheSecond_LittleTheGreatTeacher_Little

Sci Phi Art by Cat Leonard

The ever awesome artist Cat Leonard has been at it again, producing evocative painting after painting to illustrate stories from the Sci Phi Journal. You can take a look at them here:


Additionally, through the wonders of modern technology, you can now order all sorts of merchandise incorporating those paintings, so for example you can have a tasteful Beyond the Mist T-shirt (or even pillow or duvet cover, to help you dream about the Gravity Ring) delivered to your door:



Friendship and Art – What are they Good For?

I would like to do something different this week, because about two weeks ago I saw something on youtube that moved me so deeply that I just have to discuss it. I know I am very late to the party, as this all happened half a year or more ago, and many of these things have most likely already been said, but I just cannot keep these thoughts to myself. There are so many areas to talk about, that this has ended up taking me a lot longer than I initially planned.

I am going to talk about Jonathan and Charlotte, a singing duo that took part in Britain’s Got Talent last year, finishing second. Continue reading