Sci Phi Journal Issue 4 is out now, and more reviewer Praise for Beyond the Mist!

Issue 4 of the Sci Phi Journal, featuring chapters 6 and 7 of Beyond the Mist, is now available for purchase in ebook form at Amazon and Castalia House and in paperback form at Amazon and Createspace.

Patrick S.Baker, author of On the Ethics of Super Soldiers, The Crescent and the Hammer and many others, had this to say about it:

My reviews of this fine publication have become a bit redunant, I’ll admit. But sadly there are only so many synonyms for excellent and thought- provoking.
The continuation of Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky alone is worth the price.


Needless to say, upon reading his comment I was jumping about for joy like an excited three-year-old (Luckily we had one to hand for calibration purposes, all relevant parameters matched well beyond the accepted level of statistical significance)


Get your copy today and see if you think his embarrassingly high praise is justified.



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