The Greatest Joy

We’re slandered and insulted,

Betrayed and ridiculed

Potrayed as evil, backward

And so effortlessly fooled.


Relentless in their mockery,

Comfortable with lies,

They never tire of poking fun

At those they so despise.


They laugh at our great suffering

And flaunt their stolen wealth

Secured by crony networks

And in the best of health.


And yet we have a hope that their blind eyes can never see,

And know a joy so deep it runs into eternity.

We know the Source of all, who is above all time and space,

Whose glories far outweigh all trials that we could ever face.


His peace is overwhelming, his mercy covers all;

His grace is still transforming all victims of the Fall.

Our future is so radiant with love and joy and light,

So how could we fear mortal men in all their puny might?


We won’t lash out in anger, we’ll rest and sleep in peace,

Then in the morning work to make His loving rule increase.

So pause now and consider, who you’ll serve and trust —

The Lord of all creation, or men drunk with powerlust?

Inspired by Twenty-Nine

Apologies for the delay, I was struck down by a strong cold. This is another in my old series ‘Thoughts Inspired by Psalms’, but instead of merely quoting it, this time I have transformed its main points into verse:

Inspired by Twenty-Nine

Beyond the sight of every land, o’er ocean dark and deep
The fiercest storm in history extends its mighty sweep
Waves soar up to the very sky, winds roar and screech and tear
Crests into swarms of spray and foam, lightning sears the air. Continue reading