What captivates a young man’s heart,
Grows his stature, inspires art;
Awakens and matures his soul,
Breaks his heart and makes it whole?

What drives him to complete despair
Or hope of castles in the air?
What turns a youth into a man
Forms and overturns his plans?

Deep eyes that see into his soul
Form graceful like a prancing foal,
A smile that melts the hardest heart;
A gentle, humble work of art.

This maiden is no passive flake,
She stands her ground when what’s at stake
Is more than her own vanity,
But life’s own health and sanity.

She has a brain and wields it well,
She does not like to scream or yell
Defends the innocent and weak
With quiet wisdom she will speak.

Hard-working with her own two hands
Trustworthy in her goals and plans
Adorned with wholesome inner light
Whose source is beyond all our sight;

That life and love that won’t grow cold,
That triple-braided flame of gold,
That dances free as He creates
All things that do not dissipate.

And so he longs to win her hand,
Be friend and more, with her to stand.
Be bound to her with joyous chain,
Uphold his vows through trial and pain,

Each year and decade grow as one
Celebrate each victory won
Commiserate each pain and loss
Sharing both their joys and costs.

Draw strength and peace from her great love
Treasure her as his sweet dove
Though youth will fade and eyes will dim
Forever she’s the one for him.

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