When for our land we sing a dirge
When threats appear and clouds converge;
When news of foul deeds meets our ears
And cowards try to grow our fears,

Our leader’s eyes will fill with fire,
He calls us to direct our ire
With wisdom, honour, valor, might;
Defend our last faint glimpse of light.

When over our horizon’s hills
Evil’s slavering minions shrill
Crawl and creep towards our walls
As old men tremble in our halls.

When speakers hold the crowd enthralled
Then drums awake and bugles call,
Beacons flame and watchmen cry
We take up mighty arms and fly!

But this will come another day;
For now we work and here we stay.
Today we walk, today we stand,
Today we lend a helping hand.

Today we do what must be done,
Employing skills and talents won
Through gruelling training, schooling, pride,
With noble virtues at our side.

Today we craft, today we trade,
Today our debts in full are paid.
Today we sing, today we play,
Appreciate a peaceful day.

Resist the charms of deadly sirens
Defend the weak from petty tyrants,
Even when it’s one of us;
We must repay our fathers’ trust.

We often watch the hills and skies,
Defying sweet alluring lies
That all is well and ever will
Be safe and pleasant, free from ill.

We know how much our freedom cost,
How easily it can be lost,
And so we hope, and so we pray,
For vigilance to win the day.

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