My Wife, the Hero

My wife is in the last month of her fifth pregnancy, so this one is for her:

My Wife, the Hero

Each day you do so much for us:
Driving our own family bus,
Cooking for our countless horde
Of boys who like to claim they’re bored.

Cleaning, sprucing, beautifying
Our home in all its calm-defying
Noise and bustle, schedules packed
Are somehow managed, well, in fact.

And all with all that extra weight,
As we all here anticipate
The day when our first girl is born,
Our messy throng to thus adorn.

Hormones play with your frayed nerves
All this and worries undeserved,
Plus discomfort, lack of sleep;
No wonder that you sometimes weep.

Please stop and take a moment to
Hear how much I’m proud of you;
Let my shoulders take your tears
And my arms absorb your fears.

Let me help you in small ways
To make it through these burdened days,
Deal with trials you wouldn’t see
If you hadn’t married me.

My precious one, my love, my dear,
Allow my words to soothe your ear,
But most of all, may my whole life
Bless you, my beloved wife.