Another SuperversiveSF Livestream

There is going to be another superversiveSF roundtable livestream on Saturady at 3pm Eastern time, with guests Kate Paulk, Arlan Andrews and Daddy Warpig discussing among other things the recent Hugo kerfuffle and where we go from here.

Head over to tomorrow for a link to the livestream itself.

Sci Phi Issue 7 Teaser and SuperversiveSF Rountable!


The above teaser of the cover art for issue 7 has been released, the signed copies of Nobility Among Us and Selected Verse: Faith and Family for the contest winner have been posted, and I have also submitted my first article to Sci Phi Journal, based on one of the lesser-read blog posts here. We’ll see if it gets accepted, and if so in which issue it will appear.

Issue 7 of Sci Phi Journal will contain chapters 12 and 13 of Beyond the Mist, in which the main character’s new name will be revealed (along with a lot of other things)

Also, tomorrow at 3pm Eastern time there will be another superversiveSF live stream, in which we will be discussing the merits of the various Hugo-nominated works, the day after voting on the awards closes. Many of these works can be read for free, links can be found at SFsignal:

SuperversiveSF Livestream – No girls allowed

In less than 8 hours, I will be taking part in another livestream discussion on depicting female characters in fiction.

The livestream can be followed here:

Any questions for the group can be left in the comments section there.

SuperversiveSF Roundtable 3- Dystopian Fiction

Another SuperversiveSF roundtable discussion is coming up tomorrow (Saturday the 6th of June) at 3pm Eastern time (7pm GMT, 9pm Central European Time), the topic being dystopian fiction in all its forms. If you have any questions that you would like the group to discuss, leave a comment at this page:

A link to the livestream will appear at when it goes live, so listen in and hear me (and writers more knowledgeable than me) discuss this fascination with societies gone so horribly wrong.

Second Superversive SF Roundtable Discussion Tomorrow

The second Superversive SF roundtable discussion will be held tomorrow at 3 pm eastern time (7 pm GMT), on the topic of “what makes a good story”, featuring the same group of people as last time, plus some new additions.

If you have any questions you’d like to be discussed, leave a comment at this page:

SuperversiveSF Roundtable Discussion

For those of you unaware, I am a regular contributor over at SuperversiveSF, and this Saturday they will be holding an online roundtable of the contributors via google hangout.

The event will go live at 10.30am EST and will include myself, Jason Rennie, L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright, EJ Shumak, Joshua Young, Brian Niemeier, David Hallquist, Peter Sean Bradley and perhaps some others.

Among other topics, we will be discussing the upcoming Hugo awards and Sad Puppies Campaign, who knows what else we’ll get up to…