Another SuperversiveSF livestream – Nick Cole and Blacklisting in SF

There is going to be another SuperversiveSF livestream tomorrow (Saturday 18th March) at 3pm Eastern Time (7pm GMT, now that daylight saving is no longer active in the US), with special Guest Nick Cole, discussing his book Ctrl-Alt-Revolt and the phenomenon of blacklisting in Science Fiction. It is sure to be an entertaining discussion.

In related news, SuperversiveSF has made the Sad Puppies shortlist for the best fanzine of 2015, and Sci Phi Journal for the best Semiprozine of 2015 and best short form editor. I am proud to have played my part in both of these fine new organizations, and other members of these two groups are up for further awards, Daddy Warpig and Brian Niemeier are on the list for Geek Gab (Best fancast), Brian Niemeier for his novel Nethereal and Campbell award for best new writer, and John C. Wright for his spectacular novel Somewhither (all of the above should be taking part in the livestream tomorrow).


2 thoughts on “Another SuperversiveSF livestream – Nick Cole and Blacklisting in SF

  1. Finished “Beyond the Mist” last night. It is a fantastic book, thank you so much! It is great to read an author weave such an amazing tale without having to resort to overdone tropes of sex, violence, etc. while everything you put together was so well thought out, and conveyed a real personal struggle. Your future based on an essentially Christian worldview was very enjoyable and left me feeling full of hope.

    • Thank you so much, those were some of my aims in writing this book, and are what the superversive literary movement as a whole is about. It is very encouraging to hear that I have hit the mark in at least some reader’s minds.

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