Without love there is no life

I thought up this song when I first wrote the prologue scene between Marcus and Sylvia, minus the spoken introduction, with the music beginning when Marcus slowly opens the door. It sounds amazing in my head, but I don’t have the musical talent to make it a reality, maybe one day. Continue reading


Heavy steps that trudge across the unforgiving ground,
Wading through a cloud of curiosities.
Missing the eternal all around,
Distracted by the screams of urgent vanities.

A moment to reflect upon the rock on which we stand;
Covered with an earthen layer, but solid nonetheless;
Like a mighty and uncompromising great paternal hand
That offers its support in times of stress.

What will dissipate the mist and enable us to see
The glory and the constancy of truth?
Will we listen to that message, or mock with childish glee
That its courier is brazen or uncouth? Continue reading

Can you?

I tried reciting some of my poems to get into character for an audition last week (the first audition I’ve ever attempted in my life), and ended up writing a new poem. Here it is:

Can you?

Can you take a man from heaven,
Throw him down to earth,
And expect him to be grateful
For a squalid pauper’s birth?

Can you take the Son of Glory,
Mar and smear his face,
And expect him still to treasure
Our decrepit human race? Continue reading

Would it help… ?

It’s going to be my wife’s birthday soon, and I haven’t thought up a poem for that yet, so here’s a song I wrote and sung for her one year. She couldn’t stop smiling all the way through, for some reason…

Would it help… ?

Would it help if I told you that I loved you?
Would you take me at my word If I said you’re my precious one?
Could I claim to be your friend, to be faithful to the end?
Maybe, but actions speak louder than words,
You know, actions speak louder than words. Continue reading


Where now the fangs of yesteryear
That pinned us to the dust,
Reminding us of all our failures,
Weaknesses and lusts?

All shattered by a holy cry
As He hung on the cross,
And all I thought enormous gain
Is now but minor loss.

The ghosts that haunt our murky past
Now give us different pause;
To treasure His abundant love,
His mercy and His cause.