What am I to do?
What am I to say?
What am I to make of each and every given day?

What am I to think?
What am I to pen?
What am I to shatter to be never built again?

What am I to give?
What am I to take?
What am I to cherish for its own inherent sake?

What am I to love?
What am I to hate?
What am I to fight for more than health or wealth or state?

Is life naught but fruitless questions,
Or are answers to be found?
Is there purpose to this clump of cells in contact with the ground?

Is there more to life than matter,
More to sport than victory?
More to politics than asking what is in this deal for me?

Are there principles that guide us
And apply to one and all?
Can we rise above our circumstance and serve a noble call?

Are our friends but mere resources,
To be used and thrown away,
Or instead beloved children of eternity at play?

Which questions terrify you?
Which truths that will not budge?
Is your nightmare being called upon to be a righteous judge?

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