Heavy steps that trudge across the unforgiving ground,
Wading through a cloud of curiosities.
Missing the eternal all around,
Distracted by the screams of urgent vanities.

A moment to reflect upon the rock on which we stand;
Covered with an earthen layer, but solid nonetheless;
Like a mighty and uncompromising great paternal hand
That offers its support in times of stress.

What will dissipate the mist and enable us to see
The glory and the constancy of truth?
Will we listen to that message, or mock with childish glee
That its courier is brazen or uncouth?

Let us come and contemplate the noble mysteries
That occupied the great minds of the past.
Appreciate their insights and the human boundaries
They pushed back with thoughts that were to last.

Don’t just contemplate, but contribute, go that extra mile,
Lay another brick in that great tower;
Our minds were made for more than just observing with a wistful smile
The terror of a man’s unbridled power.

The little things we each can do to tip the scales back towards
A saner and a brighter world tomorrow and today;
Not doing it for glory, fame or other temporal rewards
But simply taking joy in doing things the proper way.

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