Nobility Among Us No Longer in Global Distribution

The global distribution deal on the paperback version of Nobility Among Us ended last month and will not be renewed, so the various bookstores around the world that previously sold it will stop doing so once their stock runs out. It can still be bought from the publisher’s site, or direct from me. If there is sufficient interest in the future, I will start a separate print run with a company that does not charge an annual fee for additional sales channels.

The sales page has been modified to reflect this.

Selected Verse: Faith and Family Paperback Price Reductions!

Selected Verse: Faith and Family gets the red carpet treatment

Selected Verse: Faith and Family gets the red carpet treatment

I recently received a shipment of paperback versions of Selected Verse: Faith and Family, so can make those available to people in the Czech Republic for 125 crowns plus postage (where applicable), which is much less than the 6 dollars plus postage for ordering from the createspace estore or US amazon.

For those of you in the UK, I have managed to reduce the price of the paperback on UK amazon to only £2.99, and eligible for super saver delivery (free shipping when forming part of an order over £10)

The price in the other european amazon territories is €3.99, and also eligible for free delivery when part of an order that exceeds the required threshold.

I was unable to reduce the US amazon price, however I was able to introduce a discount code for the createspace estore, so that by placing the book in your cart and then quoting the discount code:


You get a dollar discount, lowering the unit price to only $4.99.

Christmas Ordering Deadline for Nobility Among Us Paperbacks

I have been informed by the publisher that in order for deliveries to arrive in time for Christmas, printed copies of Nobility Among Us need to be ordered on or before Monday the 8th of December, i.e. this is the last weekend in which it can be ordered and be sure that it will arrive in time.

Win a Free Copy of Nobility Among Us!

NAU_poster_familyA competition has been set up over at my publisher’s website, with 2 free paperback copies of Nobility Among Us on offer for the winners. All you have to do is read an extract from the book and give your name and email address to be entered into the random draw. The deadline for entering the contest is the 12th of July.

Details can be found here: