The Hill

In ancient times this sacred hill did nourish weary souls
A nobleman once stood here and declared “We’ve reached our goals.”
The land I see from this high place is fertile, watered, green;
Here we can carve out a life that’s safe and most serene.

Houses and small villages can be marked out and built
Fields planted in this thick dark soil enriched with rain and silt.
A fortress to defend our young and old upon that ridge
Looking down upon that great wide river that we’ll bridge

Nine centuries of legend have grown upon this mound
It’s viewed as a great pilgrimage to almost holy ground
Parents with their precious children come here to retrace
The steps of him who gave his name to this enchanted place

Some young are not so keen to climb the steep paths up the hill
Some even lose heart so much as to make themselves quite ill,
Insisting they have not the strength to even reach its base
With wails and whines and tears that keep on streaming down their face.

The father makes the effort to snap his son out of it
Not letting despair win the day, not letting his boy quit
With gritted teeth they climb the slope part way and then they rest
Seeing that his son has so far been doing his best.

Then son decides upon a plan that takes his dad aback
To take a shortcut up the hill far from the concrete track.
The spirit of adventure lives and glows from his young face
Dad can only follow, barely keeping up his pace.

They reach the top, exultant, son has grown his mind and heart;
He’s learned of all that he can do, if only he would start.
Great obstacles now hold less fear, as he knows that he can,
He’s taken one small step towards becoming a young man.

Twenty-Four and Two-Thirds

My apologies for the delay, I have completed my course of antibiotics for my eye problem, then was on holiday in England for two weeks. Today is my wife’s birthday, here is this year’s poem:

Twenty-Four and Two-Thirds

Twenty-four and two-thirds old is not so bad to be,
Especially when most of that has been spent here with me.
I’ve seen you at your very best, I’ve seen you at your worst
I’ve seen the way you always work to put all others first.

All the chaos and the noise that you’re forced to endure,
All the troubles and complaints and annoyed demands for more
You deserve far better than we give you every day,
So we thought we’d try to gladden you in another way. Continue reading

Caleb and Sara

Two of my friends got married today, here is a poem I wrote them for the occasion (the ‘ornament’ was a chocolate fountain) :

Caleb and Sara

Two gleaming souls have made a choice
To become one today,
But how this union came about?
I really cannot say.

I’m sure they would quite happily
Recount the tale for you;
Of smiles and hints that something more
Than friendship was in view. Continue reading

Drained, and yet…

Another interrupted night
Another day half-zombified
Concentration all but gone;
Tempted to just drift along.

No will to attempt what needs doing,
Yet worth it for that heavenly viewing
Of little faces filled with glee,
As they bounce upon my knee.

Eyes full of wonder, taking in
An ordinary mundane thing.
Seen afresh its beauty glows
As they turn to the one who knows

And ask for confirmation
(And a simple explanation)
of this magical delight
that sets their world alight.

So please another sleepless week,
with head that aches and joints that creak,
If it means more of these joys,
From our little girl and boys.

Mum to Be

The talented artist who did the cover and internal artwork for Nobility Among Us has a birthday tomorrow and is expecting her first child after many years of longing for such a blessing, so here’s to you, Anna! (I don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl, so if it does turn out to be a girl, please replace all instances of his/him with her.)

Mum to Be

Mum to be at thirty-seven
Waiting for a piece of heaven
In human form to join the world
His beauty slowly here unfurled

Days of discomfort, restless nights,
Aching backs and little frights,
Hormones toss and turn your moods,
Grant appetites for curious foods.

At times you’ll feel you cannot cope;
Those storms will pass, do not lose hope.
Pain like you’ve never known will come
But then at last you’ll be a mum.

A look upon your baby sweet
Will fill your heart with love complete
The challenges have just begun
As you walk down the path marked “Mum”

Adventures, joys, discoveries
An album of sweet memories
And messes, tears and nappies piled
All worth it when you see him smile.

The Joy of Constancy

Let me take this opportunity to talk a little about the infinite sweetness of my youngest son.
Each look from his big brown eyes speaks ten thousand words and concepts that he can’t even begin to dream of.
Each discovery he makes reminds us of another wonder of existence.
We rejoice in his struggles, in the lessons that he learns, in a life that looks to us with total trust. Continue reading