Caleb and Sara

Two of my friends got married today, here is a poem I wrote them for the occasion (the ‘ornament’ was a chocolate fountain) :

Caleb and Sara

Two gleaming souls have made a choice
To become one today,
But how this union came about?
I really cannot say.

I’m sure they would quite happily
Recount the tale for you;
Of smiles and hints that something more
Than friendship was in view.

So let’s move on to what each child here present would agree
Is most important on this day of great festivity;
That fun and laughs and treats and cake are all here to be had,
Plus a little ornament that we were asked to add,

Cascades of flowing brown and white
Coat little treats with sweet delight,
That has us coming back for more,
Until our stomachs are all sore.

So that’s today, but where from here?
What’s on their joint path far and near?
Adjustments that would fill a book,
New hopes and dreams, a new outlook;

Mutual discoveries,
Failures and recoveries,
A shoulder upon which to cry,
A smile to look upon and sigh.

Past scars to open up and heal,
Communication deep and real,
Obstacles to overcome,
As you become more than your sum.

We wish you blessings from above,
For perseverance, faith and love,
Cords that bind you stronger than
The world’s most fearsome hatchet man.

That language troubles will not harm
Your comprehension, arm in arm,
That you are bound to one another
More than to your father, mother,

All other humans on the earth
(And those to whom you might give birth);
Your loyalty to husband, wife
Outweighs all others, is for life.

But most of all be faithful, true
To the One who most loves you.
Stand firm on His great mystery
The rest will make great history.

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