Who else would dare?

Today is my wedding anniversary, here is this year’s poem:

Who else would dare?

Who else would dare to join with me,
With all my flaws and fears?
Who else has set my heart so free
To love you more each year?

There’s no-one I would rather share
My secret pains and joys;
There’s none more worthy of my prayers
For refuge from life’s noise,

For beauty’s glimmer, pure and deep
To wash right through your soul,
For heaven’s peace to fill your sleep
When hard days take their toll,

For my love to give new strength
When all of yours is spent;
That we may share the same wavelength
And know what each one meant;

That our bond may forever be
A taste of His sweet rule
That helps us touch what we can’t see,
The pledged celestial jewel

Of His kingdom on the earth
And life forevermore,
Bought by His death and humble birth
To open up the door.

Caleb and Sara

Two of my friends got married today, here is a poem I wrote them for the occasion (the ‘ornament’ was a chocolate fountain) :

Caleb and Sara

Two gleaming souls have made a choice
To become one today,
But how this union came about?
I really cannot say.

I’m sure they would quite happily
Recount the tale for you;
Of smiles and hints that something more
Than friendship was in view. Continue reading