A Toddler’s Smile


A Toddler’s Smile

A toddler’s smile is bold and full of joy and honesty
As it makes a new discovery, unfolds a mystery
No hidden motives, tricks or secrets cloud its pure delight
It lifts a sullen room with its innocence and light.

A toddler’s smile is powerful and magically sweet;
It undermines your foulest mood and makes your day complete.
Its greatest strength is that its wielder is so unaware
Of how deeply he can move us with a friendly wave or stare.

T’would be a loathsome creature that would do this knowingly,
Manipulating our good will with feigned frivolity.
We’d grow immune to his sweet charms, resent his phony mirth,
Ignore his pleas and subtle games, knowing what they’re worth.

But his is true and real and delicate, in need of our great care,
Paternal instincts amplify the joy he brings to bear,
So we’ll enjoy the wonders and announcements most sincere
And celebrate along with him the triumphs he holds dear.

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