The Word

Before the moon, before the sun,

Before the universe had begun

Limitless existence true

Spoke the Word, and all was new.

Astounding power, so intricate,

Made mighty things and delicate.


The Word is not just uttered speech, for Logos is the term;

By it the old Greeks wisdom and pure logic did affirm.

Through Him the undetectable divine can be revealed,

Through Him the greatest secrets in the world can be unsealed.

Through Him all things that have existed find their loving source,

Through Him all things in current motion run their active course.


This greatest of all principles, the ground of all that is,

Descended to take human form to rescue all that’s His.

Almighty full divinity erupted into space,

Yet clothed with full humanity, bringing love and grace.

The power behind all wonders did become a helpless babe,

To suffer and to sacrifice Himself, the world to save.

Christmas Context

There was once a tiny nation, at the green and pleasant crossroads between history’s great powers, constantly buffeted this way and that, kicked around, conquered and swamped again and again by this side or that throughout its history, and now firmly in the iron jaws of the greatest of them all. This power was used to dealing with and crushing all rebellion against its might. Every proud voice was silenced, every upraised head was beaten down into the dust. Everyone left standing was cowed and compliant. This was a conquered, beaten people.

And yet a spark of hope remained. Continue reading

Christmas Shopping?

Bereft of ideas
Searching for that perfect gift
That will give your treasured hearts
A flash of joy and lasting lift.

But what can give such boundless joy?
You’re surrounded by a thousand promises
Of heaven in a little box
Of what you’ve all been looking for

What gives a soul such fortitude,
To stand these torrents of harassed seekers,
And persist in your hopeless search,
For the key to a moment of family bliss?

Stand back from the stream,
See the madness of it all.
A present is too easy;
A well-lived life is a worthier call.

To be a good father, husband, friend
A faithful wife, mother, sibling or child.
And every day, not just once a year,
What is the point of appearances?

Give me reality and make it better.
Acknowledge a problem and work to resolve it.
Comfort the lonely, be there for a friend,
Celebrate small victories, yet

See life through to the end.