An Apology, a Request and an Announcement

My apologies for the lack of poem this week, my youngest son has a minor case of pneumonia (not the first time, it’s a lot milder this time). He’s not had to be hospitalised, he’s taking antibiotics which seem to be kicking in properly, he’s regained his taste for food and had his first calm night in about a week, so things are looking positive. This has meant a lack of restful nights for the whole of this past week, so I haven’t gotten much written. I would appreciate people’s prayers for Timmy that he would continue to recover well and that we could get some quality rest.

I did manage to write a poem, but that will be used in chapter 11 or 12 of Beyond the Mist, so I can’t post it until that is published (which will probably be in Sci Phi Issue 6). Sci Phi Issue 4 is on schedule for the end of February/beginning of March, and the cover art for that by the ever Awesome Cat Leonard has just been released, so take a look and imagine the possibilities…

Sci Phi Journal Issue 4

Sci Phi Journal Issue 4

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